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15 'Ugly Duckling' Anime Characters Who Had Major Glow-Ups

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Not every wildly attractive anime character starts off that way. Whether it's because they don't look their best or they're too young to be seductive, some anime characters get their looks over the course of the series. Let's highlight and celebrate some male and female anime characters who became much better looking before their anime was over.

Some of these glow ups are the result of weight loss. That's not to say that it's impossible to be good looking and fat - it totally is. But the characters highlighted here lack confidence in themselves, and often don't take care of their appearance in other ways prior to shedding pounds. As they start to feel more positively about themselves, they become more attractive. In other cases, the appearance upgrade comes from supernatural means, or from adulthood hitting them like a ton of bricks.

  • Alvida - 'One Piece'
    Photo: Studio Pierrot

    When Alvida first shows up, she weighs what looks like 400 lbs. She's pretty confident about her attractiveness already, so she doesn't see any reason to try and slim down. But when she eats the Smooth-Smooth fruit, it causes everything to slide gracefully off of her body - including all of her excess fat.

    The new Alvida is slim and pretty - and also has completely different eyes, and a different nose, for some reason. Hey, One Piece, you do know that that's not how it works, right? 

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  • Palm Siberia - 'Hunter X Hunter'
    Photo: Madhouse

    Palm Siberia is Knov's apprentice, and a Hunter in her own right. When she's first introduced, she looks like a character straight out of a horror movie - and she seems to enjoy terrifying people with her looks. However, she's able to dramatically alter her appearance when she goes out on a "date" with Gon, transforming herself into a cute and wholesome young woman. How such a dramatic transformation is even possible is an open question.

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  • Masamune Makabe - 'Masamune-kun's Revenge'
    Photo: Silver Link.

    Masamune Makabe's transformation is actually the main point of the series. After Aki Adagaki publically humiliates him when he confesses his love to her, he decides that he's going to get revenge. That revenge comes in the form of losing a ton of weight, buying cool clothes, and overall changing his whole look in the hopes of seducing Aki and then dumping her in the same manner that she turned him down.

    What's interesting is that Masamune-kun's Revenge actually talks about how hard it was for him to lose the weight, an unusual take in a medium that often depicts weight loss as magic or instantaneous. While he's definitely depicted as better looking than before, the show implies that this may have come at a cost. 

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  • When Kiss Him Not Me begins, Kae Serinuma is fat. Also, her eyes are tiny, her hair is dull, she wears unflattering glasses and clothes, and doesn't wear makeup. She drops a scary amount of weight over the course of a week when she's so upset by something terrible happening in her favorite fictional franchise that she stops eating. This not only makes her thin, it also encourages her to dress differently, and makes her eyes appear luminous and beautiful. Hey, no one ever said extreme makeovers had to make sense. 

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