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15 Anime Where Characters Want To Take Over The World

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In the immortal words of the '80s British band Tears For Fears, "everybody wants to rule the world." While that's not entirely true, it sure does apply to a lot of anime characters. 

Anime characters who want to take over the world appear in shows of all genres. In some cases, as with Legend of the Galactic Heroes and Code Geass, these attempts are serious ones with far-reaching consequences. Other shows, like Sgt. Frog and Squid Girl, have a more madcap, Pinky & The Brain vibe to them.

Whether you should take them seriously or not, these anime about world conquest are a lot of fun. Be sure to vote up all of your favorites!

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    Ainz Ooal Gown didn't exactly want to take over the world - it just sort of happened when he jokingly suggested it to Demiurge. But now, with plenty of resources at his disposal, he's slowly and methodically making his way toward world domination. Ainz is a cautious person who doesn't realize how powerful he truly is, and he actually wants his followers to be happy and like him, so his progression toward taking over the world is a lot slower than it otherwise might be.

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    Lelouch Lamperouge has an ambitious goal - to free Japan from the tyrannical grasp of the Brittainian empire, and figure out what happened to his mother. But as he begins to unravel the secrets behind the Brittainian royal family, of which he is a part, he realizes that in order to take them down and solve all the complicated problems that crop up, he's going to have to take over the world himself.

    Exactly what he plans to do with the world once he owns it is diving too far into spoiler territory, but just know that his intentions are - mostly - good.

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    After Sora and Shiro are transported from Earth to the world of Disboard, they find themselves in a unique position - they're amazing at the one thing that determines success in this new world: gaming. Through a series of games, the two of them rise to become the leaders of Imanity (humankind), and seek to unite all sixteen races in the world under their own banner of power using the same methods.

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    The Devil Is a Part-Timer! follows the Devil, also known as Sadao Maou, as he's demoted from world conquering demon to employee at a fast food restaurant. Being stuck in the real world doesn't eliminate his desire for ultimate power - it only adds fuel to the fire. No longer content with conquering his own realm, Maou now wants control of Earth too. He plans to start by moving up the corporate ladder at MgRonald's - the anime answer to McDonald's.

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