20+ Anime Characters Who Always Keep Their Eyes Closed

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Putting aside the question of how anime characters with perpetually closed eyes actually see, the closed-eye anime trope can always be counted on to bring some level of mystery, charisma, or happy-go-lucky sentiments. According to TV Tropes, the physical trait of "eyes always shut" is commonly used for the "wise guy" character type, in which case they'd be referred to as "kitsune No me," or in English, "fox eyes"/ "shifty eyes." Black Butler's mischievous merchant Lau and Bungou Stray Dogs' number one detective, Ranpo Edogawa, are prime examples of whimsical attitudes with hard-to-read attitudes.

Another typical trait among these characters is kind, "unconditionally happy" dispositions. Yachiyo of Working!! and Jasminko of Little Witch Academia exude warm, bubbly smiles that melt your heart through the screen. It goes without saying that the moment these characters decide to open their eyes, you’re in for some serious s**t. If you’re facing Hunter x Hunter's Komugi, the only blind character on this list, you’re about to get your butt kicked in Gungi. If it’s Tokyo Ghoul's Yoshimura, well, it might be time for you to close your eyes.