15 Anime Characters Who Are Gods

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One of the cool things about anime is that the characters can be anything from ordinary humans to literal gods. 

Some anime gods started out as regular human beings - Madoka Kaname of Puella Magi Madoka Magica became a god in order to save her friends from a cruel magical girl system, while Nanami Momozono of Kamisama Kiss basically took on godhood as a job. Others are born that way - Hestia from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? started off her life in heaven.

Some easily qualify as the strongest anime gods - Beerus, Dragon Ball's God of Destruction, is virtually unbeatable thanks to his immense powers. Others are weak - Akito Sohma from Fruits Basket might have a strong emotional grip on the Sohma clan, but Akito is weak and sickly and possesses no physical powers. As you can see, there's tremendous variety in the world of anime gods.

  • Yato - 'Noragami'
    Photo: Noragami / Bones

    Yato used to be the God of Calamity. He spent his days spreading chaos and warfare. He eventually had a change of heart, and decided to become a God of Fortune instead. 

    This is no easy task - to become the God of anything, one has to have followers. Yato tries to do this with a combination of saving lives by fighting Ayakashi and doing odd jobs for cheap to get the money for a temple. The other gods have mixed feelings about his intentions - some think it's wrong or inappropriate to try to change, while others support his ambitions. 

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    Tet - 'No Game No Life'

    Tet - 'No Game No Life'
    Photo: No Game No Life / Madhouse

    After a long war, Tet became the One True God of Disboard. He lives in the King Chess Piece and plays Internet chess with people from other worlds. That's how he ends up meeting Sora and Shiro, who he summons to Disboard after they defeat him. Anyone who wants to depose Tet of his position has to collect chess pieces from all sixteen races of Disboard, and then compete against him. 

    Most of Tet's abilities are unknown, but he can teleport, move between worlds, and bend reality to his will. He's also a master of all things games, which is probably the most important skill to have in the world of No Game No Life. 

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  • Beerus - 'Dragon Ball Super'
    Photo: Dragon Ball Super / Toei Animation

    Beerus might look and act like an elderly cat, but he shouldn't be underestimated. He's Universe 7's God of Destruction, which gives him access to the Energy of Destruction. This means that he can eliminate anything from people to planets without breaking a sweat.

    If you're on his good side, he's a powerful ally, but if you make him angry, you'd better watch out.

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    Ryuk - 'Death Note'

    Ryuk - 'Death Note'
    Photo: Death Note / Madhouse

    Ryuk is a Shinigami - that is, a god of death. In order to prolong his indefinite life, Ryuk writes down the names of humans, then adds their remaining years onto his own lifespan. 

    Since he has so much time on his hands, he's easily bored. That's why he ends up giving Light Yagami a notebook to write his own names down in - so that he can watch the chaos that ensues when a human uses one.

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  • Hestia - 'Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?'
    Photo: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? / J.C.Staff

    When Hestia lived in Heaven, her role was to protect the sacred flame. After leaving Heaven, she freeloaded for a while before having to create her own Familia. 

    Since most adventurers wanted to work with more established leaders, she had a hard time recruiting anybody until she met Bell Cranel, who kept being rejected from the Familia he applied to. As long as she had an altar, she can use a protective, purifying fire with exceptional range and power.

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  • Holo - 'Spice & Wolf'
    Photo: Spice & Wolf / Imagin

    Originally from the snowy land of Yoitsu, Holo came to Pasloe to serve as the town's wheat goddess. She ensured that the town would always have a bountiful harvest. 

    Over time, the people of the town started ignoring her, since they had other sources of food and other ways to get wheat. Holo decided that she wasn't going to hang around any longer just to be ignored. She ends up following a traveling merchant named Kraft Lawrence, and learns a lot about both love and economics along the way. 

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