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15 Awesome Anime Characters Who Write For A Living

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Anime characters can have any job from cashier to ghost hunter - and sometimes those jobs can make for pretty good stories. Anime characters who are writers don't appear as frequently as other professionals, but they're worth paying attention to - especially if you're a writer. 

A surprisingly large number of these anime writers also fit the "pervert" archetype. Characters like Jiraiya from Naruto, Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket, and Hanasaki Horie from Ao-chan Can't Study, use their lustful feelings as the creative fuel they need to help them write erotica. Other characters, like Subaru Mikazuki from My Roommate is a Cat and Izumi Takanashi from Working!! fit the hikkikomori archetype - they spend all day in their rooms writing and not interacting with others. Still, others venture outside of the creative writing field to focus on journalism, calligraphy, and more. 

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    Violet Evergarden - Violet Evergarden

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    After Violet Evergarden left her original job as a child soldier, her major told her that he loved her. She didn't understand what this meant, and took a job as an Auto Memories Doll to try and find answers. As a Doll, Violet is supposed to write letters on behalf of clients. Sometimes, these letters are formal and businesslike, but at other times her job is to express the contents of her client's hearts. For someone who doesn't know much about emotions, this is no easy task, but Violet is dedicated to mastering it.

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    Itsuki Hashima - A Sister Is All You Need 

    Itsuki Hashima is a light novel author whose work all centers around the same fetish: little sisters. While his fellow authors don't really share his interests, they don't mind discussing ideas with him - but his publisher sometimes thinks he takes the whole little sister thing too far. As a result, some of his material sometimes goes unpublished.

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    Shigure Sohma - Fruits Basket

    As a member of the Zodiac - a person who transforms into an animal when embraced by the opposite sex - Shigure Sohma needed a job that would keep him close to home and wouldn't expose his secret. He decided to become a writer, specializing in both serious works and titillating romance titles. 

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  • Not only is Jiraiya one of the greatest ninja in Konoha history, he's also one of its most renowned authors. Though he's best known for his erotic Icha Icha series, he's also written some serious books, including a few featuring a protagonist named Naruto, who served as the inspiration for Naruto Uzumaki's first name. 

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