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15 Times Anime Characters Came Back Stronger Than Before

Anime characters who came back strong can be super satisfying to watch. While it's great to see a favorite character develop their fighting prowess over time, it's also a sweet surprise when they disappear for a while and then come back stronger than ever. Seriously, who didn't love it when Usopp from One Piece reappeared after the time skip totally ripped and ready to kick butt? 

Sometimes when an anime character reappears after some insane training, it's a good thing - Naruto coming back to fight Pain with Sage Mode in his back pocket is exactly what he needs to save Konoha. But when it's a villain who comes back way stronger, it might be fun for the audience, but the heroes definitely wish that the villain had stayed the way they were. Dio Brando was a lot easier to deal with before he became a Stand user!

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