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13 Anime Characters Who Can See Into The Future

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Have you ever wanted to see into the future? While us regular human beings have to rely on intuition and logic to predict what's coming next, anime characters who can see into the future can do this with far more accuracy. 

Some anime characters with precognition can predict events that occur years into the future - Sir Nighteye of My Hero Academia can see a person's entire life, as long as all the major events fit into an hour of viewing time. Others are more limited: Sakunosuke Oda of Bungo Stray Dogs can only see five or six seconds into the future. Each character's powers activate differently as well, with some characters needing elaborate rituals to make predictions and others being able to just switch them on whenever. Also, while some characters have no limit to what kinds of things they can predict, others can only see certain kinds of information: Misa Amane's Shinigami Eyes only allow her to see how long another person will live. 

No matter how their abilities manifest, all of these characters have access to information that few other people do. Which characters are your favorites?

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    Saiki Kusuo - 'The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.'

    Saiki Kusuo has pretty much every power known to man, so of course he can predict the future. Like many of his abilities, however, it has drawbacks. The first is more mundane: predicting the future gives him a pretty bad headache. But the second is a little more serious: he has very little control over it.

    Predictions can happen while he's sleeping or while he's in the middle of class, and sometimes he misinterprets the events he sees or even inadvertantly causes them. It's useful when he predicts things like his plane crashing, but sometimes trying to fix the problem just causes more problems. 

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    Sakunosuke Oda - 'Bungo Stray Dogs'

    Unlike some characters on this lst, who can see the years stretched out ahead of them, Sakunosuke Oda can only see five or six seconds into the future. He's still able to make good use of this ability, which is called Flawless, because it allows him to predict his opponent's movements and avoid them.

    Flawless isn't the world's most accurate moniker, though: sometimes the movements are impossible to avoid, as they're already inevitable before he activates his power. Also, because his predictions are based on his own current course of action, they change when he changes his own course. By the time that's sorted, it might be too late to avoid an enemy assault. 

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    Anybody With The Shinigami Eyes - 'Death Note'

    Anybody With The Shinigami Eyes - 'Death Note'
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    The Shinigami eyes allow their users to see two pieces of information floating above other people's heads - their name, and their lifespan. Actual Shinigami use this information to write down names in their notebooks in order to end the person's life. The lifespan is useful because Shinigami gain the remainder. Ryuk, Rem, Shidoh, and all of the other Shinigami can do this. They can also grant the eyes to human Death Note users in exchange for half of their own life span.

    Even though they don't actually gain the life spans of the humans they take out, they can still see how long the people around them are supposed to live. This means that human characters like Misa Amane and Teru Mikami can predict this information. 

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  • Sailor Mars, also known as Rei Hino, is usually recognized for her pyrokenetic abilities. However, she's also a powerful seer who can predict catastrophes that might befall the Sailor Scouts and the world at large. Her powers normally activate while she meditates, something that she's accustomed to doing as a priestess, or miko.

    Despite her abilities, she doesn't always get all of the details right. When she predicts that Usagi will be kidnapped by Jadeite, she's right about the kidnapping - but in fact, the victim will be herself. 

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