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13 Anime Characters Who Can See Into The Future

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Have you ever wanted to see into the future? While us regular human beings have to rely on intuition and logic to predict what's coming next, anime characters who can see into the future can do this with far more accuracy. 

Some anime characters with precognition can predict events that occur years into the future - Sir Nighteye of My Hero Academia can see a person's entire life, as long as all the major events fit into an hour of viewing time. Others are more limited: Sakunosuke Oda of Bungo Stray Dogs can only see five or six seconds into the future. Each character's powers activate differently as well, with some characters needing elaborate rituals to make predictions and others being able to just switch them on whenever. Also, while some characters have no limit to what kinds of things they can predict, others can only see certain kinds of information: Misa Amane's Shinigami Eyes only allow her to see how long another person will live. 

No matter how their abilities manifest, all of these characters have access to information that few other people do. Which characters are your favorites?

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    Sir Nighteye - 'My Hero Academia'

    Sir Nighteye is a pro hero who uses a quirk called Foresight. Foresight allows him to view a person's future as if it were a movie, for up to one hour at a time. While his ability is enormously useful, it also has drawbacks. Because Foresight is purely visual, he can't hear what anyone is saying and has to rely solely on what he sees. He also can't determine exactly when events occur, and has to guess to place them on a timeline. Finally, Foresight can only be activated once a day. 

    Sir Nighteye is convinced that his predictions will always come true no matter what, and that there's nothing he can do to affect the outcome. He even worries that the act of prediction cements someone's life in stone. This sometimes leads to his refusing to use the ability when others request it.

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    Gamamaru - 'Naruto'

    Known as the Great Toad Sage, Gamamaru is one of the oldest and most respected residents of Mount Myōboku. Part of this is due to his precognitive abilities. He is able to see possibilities in the future, not definites. For example, he tells Jiraiya that he will have a student who will either save the world or destroy it, but can't get more specific than that. As it turns out, both are true.

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    Neon Nostrade - 'Hunter X Hunter'

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    Neon Nostrade is the daughter of a mafioso named Light Nostrade who climbed to the top of the organizartion with the help of her ability, Lovely Ghostwriter. To activate Lovely Ghost Writer, Neon asks the person whose future she wants to predict to write down their name, birth date, and blood type on a blank piece of paper. If the person isn't present, she needs a photograph of them to make it work.

    With her conditions met, Neon is able to enter a trancelike state and summon a ghost who uses her right arm to write down the person's future. Most of what she writes is poetic or metaphorical rather than direct, and she leaves it up to the person in question to figure out what it means. She prefers not to actually read the fortunes she writes, believing that it's best if she doesn't get involved. Also, she can't predict her own future, only other people's.

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    Saiki Kusuo - 'The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.'

    Saiki Kusuo has pretty much every power known to man, so of course he can predict the future. Like many of his abilities, however, it has drawbacks. The first is more mundane: predicting the future gives him a pretty bad headache. But the second is a little more serious: he has very little control over it.

    Predictions can happen while he's sleeping or while he's in the middle of class, and sometimes he misinterprets the events he sees or even inadvertantly causes them. It's useful when he predicts things like his plane crashing, but sometimes trying to fix the problem just causes more problems. 

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