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12 Anime Characters Who Can Turn Into Weapons

It's not unusual to see anime characters transform into animals or super-powered versions of themselves, but it's not every day that you see anime characters who can turn into weapons. This unique ability can take many forms, including everything from turning a single finger into a gun to fully transforming into a katana.

The most well-known example of this kind of transformation is Soul Eater Evans and the other Demon Scythes attending Death Weapon Meister Academy in the 2008 anime Soul Eater. These characters work together with shinigami in training to become full-fledged Death Scythes. Another beloved example is Yukine from Noragami. Yukine is Yato's "shiki" - meaning, that when the god Yato calls him by the name he gave him, he transforms into a powerful sword. Not all of these transforming anime characters come from anime that take things seriously, however - there's also a series of 1-minute shorts called Henkei Shoujo which features girls who transform into everything from fighter jets to mecha. 

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