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20 Anime Characters Who Could Be Long Lost Twins

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Have you ever seen anime characters from different series that look eerily similar to each other? It happens all the time. They're probably long-lost twins or something, separated at birth and thrown into different anime dimensions. This list is full of anime characters from different series who look alike, so vote up the ones who could totally be mistaken for twins and vote down the ones you think could only probably pass as distant cousins.

Some of these characters have the same hairstyles, same facial features, same facial markings or same color schemes, but some look so similar to each other, it's scary. Even a downright ripoff. Most of all, it seems like almost every character from Fairy Tail has some sort of doppelganger from another anime, so much so that it makes you wonder if the entire Fairy Tail universe is just made up of the long lost twins of other anime characters. Everyone has a twin somewhere, right?

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    Shanks from 'One Piece' and Gildarts Clive from 'Fairy Tail'

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    Sieg Hart from 'Rave Master' and Jellal Fernandes from 'Fairy Tail'

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    Tobio Kageyama from 'Haikyuu!!' and Kakeru Kurahara from 'Run with the Wind'

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    Shinichi Izumi from 'Parasyte' and Yuri Katsuki from 'Yuri!!! on Ice'

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