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13 Anime Characters Who Could Probably Beat Saitama

Updated 27 Apr 2020 10.7k votes 2.1k voters 83.4k views13 items

As a parody character who can defeat anybody with a single punch, Saitama of One Punch Man is one of the strongest characters in the anime universe. But is he really impossible to defeat? Maybe not.  Actually, there are a lot of anime characters who could beat Saitama. 

It's possible that the only anime character who can defeat Saitama is another superpowered parody character like Arale Norimaki of Dr. Slump or Saiki Kusuo of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. There are also characters who straight up would not engage in a physical fight, but would challenge Saitama to competitions he would lose - Saitama's definitely not going to beat Yukihira Soma of Food Wars in a cook-off. But some characters are actually just straight up powerful enough to beat him in combat - what is he going to do against Baraggan Louisenbairn's Senescencia in Bleach? Not much.

Which of these characters do you think stand a chance against Caped Baldy? Vote up the ones you think would be victorious, and vote down the ones you think would get serious punched into the dirt. 

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