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13 Anime Characters Who Could Probably Beat Saitama

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As a parody character who can defeat anybody with a single punch, Saitama of One Punch Man is one of the strongest characters in the anime universe. But is he really impossible to defeat? Maybe not.  Actually, there are a lot of anime characters who could beat Saitama. 

It's possible that the only anime character who can defeat Saitama is another superpowered parody character like Arale Norimaki of Dr. Slump or Saiki Kusuo of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. There are also characters who straight up would not engage in a physical fight, but would challenge Saitama to competitions he would lose - Saitama's definitely not going to beat Yukihira Soma of Food Wars in a cook-off. But some characters are actually just straight up powerful enough to beat him in combat - what is he going to do against Baraggan Louisenbairn's Senescencia in Bleach? Not much.

Which of these characters do you think stand a chance against Caped Baldy? Vote up the ones you think would be victorious, and vote down the ones you think would get serious punched into the dirt. 

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    Saiki Kusuo - 'The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.'

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    One way to look at Saitama's powers is to say that the only characters who can possibly defeat him are other parody characters. That's why Saiki Kusuo is a strong contender. This kid has so many powers that it's impossible to name them all: here's a list. While his physical attacks are unlikely to have any impact, he has plenty of other abilities that might. 

    He can curse people with misfortune, something Saitama has no way of being able to prevent. He can also teleport, a skill that would let him escape Saitama's epic punches. He also has the ability to control people's minds or alter their memories. Saitama is supposed to be immune to this, but according to The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., nobody is. So, that part depends on which canon you want to go with. Either way, Saiki's stupidly OP set of powers would give Saitama a run for his money.

    Could they beat Saitama?
  • If you need to get a job done, ask a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure protagonist. Using his Stand, Gold Experience Requiem, Giorno Giovanna is able to reset all actions to zero, essentially making it so that they never happened in the first place. Saitama's fatal punches wouldn't have any effect since they wouldn't actually have happened. Even if he did land a hit before the reset, the reset would still happen and Giorno would be fine.

    Saitama would either keep doing this until he got bored and gave up, or Giorno would find a way to reverse and nullify Saitama's inhuman strength, and beat the stuffing out of him.

    Could they beat Saitama?
  • According to the person who created both of them, Akira Toriyama, Arale Norimaki is stronger than Goku, and would probably beat him in a fight. When she makes a cameo in Dragon Ball Super, she wipes the floor with Vegeta. Could she beat Saitama? Sure she could!

    Arale is a super-powered android whose powers are totally impossible - she can split the Earth in half with her fists, fuse with five different people simultaneously, and send another person flying with a flick of her finger, and go Super Saiyan.

    Both of them are gag characters who are basically impossible to beat due to plot armor. Since, nobody wants to see a grown man beating the heck out of a little girl, of course Arale is going to come out on top. 

    Could they beat Saitama?
  • Photo: J.C.Staff

    Accelerator is so strong that he's dedicated his life to making sure that no one will actually try to challenge him and lose their lives in the process. His ability allows him to control vectors, which means that he can do everything from creating earthquakes to erasing information from people's brains and controlling their blood flow. Saitama might be impacted by some of these things, and not others.

    But Accelerator also has an impenetrable barrier that reverses all vectors coming towards him. That means all of them. Seriously, the dude isn't impacted by UV Rays, that's how absolute this ability is. If Saitama came after him with his fists, the impact would be reversed and turned right back on Saitama.

    Maybe that wouldn't hurt him, but it wouldn't hurt Accelerator either, and Saitama would eventually give up and get bored - either that or get blood-controlled into cardiac arrest. 

    Could they beat Saitama?