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15 Anime Characters Who Were Able To Defeat Gods 

Anna Lindwasser
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In the world of anime, gods are typically the most powerful entities around - except for when they're defeated by a particularly dedicated anime character who doesn't care if they're dealing with an all-powerful deity. 

Many anime characters who defeated gods are shonen protagonists like Naruto Uzumaki and Natsu Dragneel, who took on gods with the power of friendship and amazing powerups. Most are also mortal, which makes it that much more exciting when they manage to hold their own against a god. But a few are actually gods themselves, like Beerus from Dragon Ball Super, who erases Zamasu from existence like it's nothing, and Yato from Noragami, who struggles to defeat his former ally Rabo.

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Edward Elric is able to defeat Father, a homunculus who has acquired godlike powers, with the help of a wide range of allies - including, surprisingly, Greed, one of the homunculi that Father created. When Father absorbs Greed in an attempt to bolster his own strength, he ends up turning his formerly impenetrable flesh into grapheme. This makes it possible for Edward to beat Father into oblivion.

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Team 7 Squares Up Against Kaguya In 'Naruto'
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Kaguya Ōtsutsuki is a mythical being who is the source from which all chakra flows. Once, she loved humanity and was considered a benevolent deity, but she eventually began to see humans as a destructive force who had to be stopped. She believed that she should be the sole owner of all of the chakra in the world, and set about trying to reclaim it. She was eventually sealed away, but reappeared at the end of Naruto Shippudden as one of the series' biggest enemies. 

After a long and grueling battle, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura perform a coordinated attack in which they seal Kaguya into the Ten-Tails, and then into the Demonic Statue, which was consumed by a truth-seeking ball. They also send Black Zetsu to the moon so that he won't be able to revive Kaguya in the future. It doesn't matter if you're a god, you can't beat a ninja in an orange jumpsuit. 

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Zamasu Gets Wrecked Twice In 'Dragon Ball Super'
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Both Beerus and Future Trunks manage to defeat different versions of the same god, Zamasu. Beerus isn't too thrilled with Zamasu's evil plan and attempt on Goku's life, so he uses his own powers as a god of destruction to erase him from existence. Because this happens in an alternate timeline, however, Zamasu still exists in another timeline - this time in a fused form. It's Future Trunks who manages to take out this version of Zamasu, and he does so by literally slicing him in half. 

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When Natsu Dragneel finds himself up against one of the 18 Battle Gods, it doesn't seem like he stands a chance. Ikusa Tsunagi is approximately ten thousand times Natsu's size, forcing Natsu to literally run up the length of the deity's sword if he wants to get anywhere close to this. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, Natsu takes out Ikusa Tsunagi with a fiery punch, all while monologuing about the power of friendship. It's exactly the kind of epic moment that only shonen anime truly delivers. 

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