18 Times Anime Characters Killed Someone They Loved

Death in anime is always a source of drama, but the stakes are much higher when the victim is someone who the killer cares for deeply. Some anime characters who killed someone they love did so for personal gain, but in most cases they were pushed into a situation where they had no choice.

One particularly excruciating example of this concept is the moment when Ash Lynx is forced to shoot his best friend Shorter Wong in Banana Fish. There's also Isabella from The Promised Neverland, who started selling off children she genuinely cared for in order to avoid becoming a victim herself. Eri from My Hero Academia destroys her father by mistake when her powerful quirk activates and she's too young and inexperienced to control it. 

All of these stories are painful - which ones hurt the most?


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    Class 3-E Accomplishes Their Objective In 'Assasination Classroom'

    Class 3-E Accomplishes Their Objective In 'Assasination Classroom'
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    At the beginning of Assassination Classroom, everybody desperately wants to take down Koro-sensei. That's because they think that he's a malevolent monster who destroyed the moon and is going to do the same to the Earth. But as they get to know Koro-sensei, they soon realize that their first impressions were completely off base. Rather than trying to destroy the world, Koro-sensei is actually trying to save it: but in order to accomplish that, he needs someone to take his life. He chose to involve class 3-E because he wanted to positively impact their lives through education before his final exit. Before Nagisa lands the final blow, Koro-sensei says a personal goodbye to each of his beloved students, prompting the characters - and the audience - to weep uncontrollably.

  • Itachi didn't just kill one person he loved - he wiped out his entire family. Why would he do something so horrific? Because he didn't have a choice. As a traumatized thirteen-year-old, Itachi was deeply vulnerable to the manipulation of Root's leader, Danzo Shimura. Danzo gave Itachi an ultimatum: destroy the clan himself and save himself and his younger brother, or be executed alongside his family. Seeing no other alternative, he took Danzo's offer.

    Afterwards, he pretended to have done it "to test his power" in order to enrage Sasuke enough to come after him and take his life. Why did he want that? Both because he no longer truly desired to live, and because he hoped that by doing so, Sasuke would gain the mangekyo sharingan and be powerful enough to stand up against the family's many enemies. 

  • Lelouch Lamperouge Shoots His Half Sister In 'Code Geass'
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    When Lelouch is explaining to his half-sister Euphemia how his Geass works, he accidentally hypnotizes her into opening fire on a group of Japanese people. This goes completely against Euphemia's own ideals - she desperately wanted to help the Japanese people achieve freedom in a peaceful manner. Once the Geass is activated, the effected person can't be stopped from carrying out the order without physical force. That's why Lelouch has no choice but to shoot Euphemia in the stomach in order to stop her rampage. This was the last thing in the world that he wanted to do, as he cared deeply for Euphemia, but it was the only way that he could think of to minimize the casualties. 

  • Sometimes in the world of My Hero Academia, a dangerous quirk manifests unexpectedly, taking out victims in the process. That's what happens when Eri's quirk, Rewind, first appears when she's a very little girl. Rewind allows her to turn back the clock on any person or object. While she can use her ability to do things like heal wounds or restore someone's youth, she can also completely erase them from existence. Unable to fully control her powers, she ends up irreversibly destroying her father. This led to her mother declaring that she was "cursed" and leaving her in the care of her grandfather - and vulnerable to the plans of the villainous Kai Chisaki.