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17 Anime Characters Who Tragically Died Alone

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Dying alone is a major fear that many people share. Even the most introverted, misanthropic people balk at the idea of being utterly alone in their final moments. When it happens, it makes already tragic demises all the more tragic - both in life and in anime. Anime characters who died alone are the subjects of some of the most heartbreaking scenes in anime history. Get the tissues out, because it's time to get sad.

In some cases, these characters are absolutely isolated - there's nobody nearby when they meet their maker - Wolfwood from Trigun is a good example of this. But most of the time, they aren't totally alone - instead, they're accompanied by the people who took their lives in the first place, or left to draw their last breath by said attacker. In other cases, they're surrounded by people, but all of those people are strangers - not someone who will show them compassion as they fade away. No matter what the circumstances are, these people spend their final moments in emotional isolation. 

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    Maes Hughes - 'Fullmetal Alchemist'

    Maes Hughes' demise is one of the saddest parts of Fullmetal Alchemist, and it's made even worse by the fact that ultimately, he dies alone. Worse, he's shot by Envy, who is disguised as the one person Hughes would have most wanted at his side in his final moments, his wife Gracia. Those final moments are spent in a phone booth, trying to call for help as he slowly bleeds out. 

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  • Jiraiya the Gallant meets his demise at the hands of his former student, Pain. While on the verge of death, he reflects on all his regrets and failures. But the thought of Naruto gives him hope, and he uses the last of his energy to write a coded message on Fukasaku's back. Pain throws him into the water and Jiraiya dies as he slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean. One can imagine how lonely it must be to die surrounded by the dark depths of the ocean. But Jiraiya is satisfied with how the last chapter of his life turned out. And he was a hero until the very end. 

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    Leone - 'Akame ga Kill!'

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    Leone's death is quite tragic as she chooses to die alone so that her friends don't have to witness her death. After being fatally wounded by Honest, Leone realizes that she doesn't have much time left. She fuses with her Teigu temporarily in order to finish him off. After the battle, she hugs Akame and bids a final farewell to her friends. She finds a dark empty alleyway and dies alone of her own volition.

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    After a final battle with Vicious that left him severely injured, Spike staggers towards a group of enemies and raises his fingers to them before uttering his final, iconic last word: "Bang." He then collapses, his life running out with none of his friends or his allies beside him. 

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