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17 Anime Characters Who Ended Up With The Wrong Person

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Anime fans get super invested in the pairings they like, and sometimes even more so in pairings they do not like. For every beloved anime couple, there exist anime characters who ended up with the wrong person. Sometimes, a perfect anime finale gets ruined by bad anime couples who never should have gotten together. A few of these ill-suited anime pairings appear below, so be prepared for some SPOILERS if you read on.

Many different reasons can help to explain why a relationship might be totally unappealing. Sometimes, the reason is obvious, like with Rin Kaga and Daikichi Kawachi of Bunny Drop. Even though Daichi raises Rin since she was 6 and he was 30, the two start a romantic relationship when she's 16. In other cases, the reasoning is more subtle and more subjective. A lot of people think Ichigo would have been better off with Rukia in Bleach, and get very passionate about it - but others like his canon choice to marry Orihime.

All of these poor anime pairings are up to debate, but the fact people debate them at all is not a great sign for their longevity.

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    The reason Misa Amane and Light Yagami get together stems from Misa's obsessive devotion to the one she believes enacted justice for her late parents. Still emotionally raw from the trauma of their deaths, Misa is ill-equipped make good decisions about, well, anything. Light, meanwhile, feels no interest towards her romantically, but he does like the idea of using her to further his career as the "god of the new world."

    What's disappointing is that they never move past this. Light distances himself from Misa when he no longer needs her help, only to happily use her when it's to his benefit. Misa deserves better than being a psychopath's groupie, and Light should probably be with someone who he can have a real conversation with. That is, assuming you believe Light deserves to be with anyone

    Many fans suggest that Light is best suited for L, the detective trying to catch him. Intellectual equals with similar priorities and personalities, Light and L complement each other by forcing the other to be their "very best." The whole cat-mouse aspect of their relationship sort of ruins that theory, but it could work, especially when you consider how much they clearly value each other.

    Misa, on the other hand, deserves someone capable of actually showing love - and that's Touta Matsuda. He's a kind, well-meaning person who treats everyone around him with respect. If Misa doesn't want someone quite that wholesome, she could date Kiyomi Takada, Light's other girlfriend. Seeing the two of them unite against Light would be a dream come true. 

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    Shigure And Akito Sohma Have A Toxic Relationship In 'Fruits Basket'

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    The original anime version of Fruits Basket ends without any established relationships, but in the manga, things go totally buck wild. Nearly every character ends up paired off, and half of the relationships are forced, nonsensical, or just plain horrible.

    The worst example of this trend is the romance between Shigure and Akito Sohma. They're related, but that's totally relevant in this series since everyone is related. The problem is that their relationship is utterly toxic. To get back at Akito for sleeping with someone else, Shigure seduces Akito's mother and hooks up with her. The two are not dating at the time, so the act is ridiculous. Shigure's intentions for Akito are ultimately positive, but his manipulative approach to the relationship is just intensely creepy.

    Like most of the cast of Fruits Basket, both of them are probably better off staying away from relationships until they've done some serious work on themselves. 

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  • Naruto ships are, to put it lightly, controversial. Many of the end game ships were decidedly unpopular - especially Sakura/Sasuke. Sasuke never shows any interest in Sakura throughout the entirety of the series. More than that, he repeatedly insults her and even tries to end her life at one point. He clearly demonstrates that he's unwilling and unable to be a good partner or even a good friend, but somehow, the two end up together... and then he abandons her and their child to spend all of his time on various missions. It's not a good relationship, and both characters would have been better off with someone else.

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  • The Digimon 02 epilogue is widely acknowledged to be less than stellar. One of the reasons for this is that the end game pairings just don't make a lot of sense. Particularly galling is the marriage between Yamato (Matt) Ishida and Sora Takenouchi. It's not that Sora and Yamato are bad for each other - they've been good friends since childhood, and they've always gotten along well enough.

    The problem is that they've never really had chemistry - in fact, both of them have more chemistry with Taichi Yagami (also known as Tai Kamiya) than with each other. While there's no reason why the two of them couldn't have developed a relationship during the time skip, it's jarring and unsatisfying when there's nothing pointing toward it in the actual series. 

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