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15 Anime Characters Who Fight Super Dirty

Honorable anime characters who always do the right thing are great because it's what we all want to see in real life - but one of the great things about anime is that we don't have to want to see something replicated in the real world to enjoy it in our favorite series. Because it's not real, we can easily appreciate anime characters who fight dirty. These characters are happy to throw morals to the side and engage in underhanded strategy - and sometimes, these characters are serving up some of the most creative battle tactics out there. It's hard not to appreciate the intelligence of Kiritsugu Emiya of Fate/Zero no matter how horribly he treats his opponents. 

But some of these characters are harder to appreciate. Roto from Yu Yu Hakusho is less brilliant than he is scummy, and it's satisfying to watch Kurama destroy him. But even cruel and manipulative strategies that make you angry still add to the overall story.

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