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The 19 Best Anime Characters Who Fight With Blood Powers

Updated 29 Jul 2020 8.5k votes 1.9k voters 80.4k views19 items

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For most anime characters, bleeding is a sign of a problem. But for anime characters who fight with blood, an open wound might be just what they need to dominate their opponents. 

Many of these blood wielding anime characters take their own blood out of their bodies and harden it into weapons that they can use in battle. Others kick it up a notch by turning their blood into ice, boiling liquid, or even into a bible verse. 

How they get their blood back into their bodies is rarely mentioned, and when it is, how they do so cleanly is still left out. These powers are awesome, but also kind of gross - just like the anime characters who use them. Which one do you find the most appealing?

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