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The 20 Best Anime Characters Who Fight With Blood Powers

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For most anime characters, bleeding is a sign of a problem. But for anime characters who fight with blood, an open wound might be just what they need to dominate their opponents. 

Many of these blood wielding anime characters take their own blood out of their bodies and harden it into weapons that they can use in battle. Others kick it up a notch by turning their blood into ice, boiling liquid, or even into a bible verse. 

How they get their blood back into their bodies is rarely mentioned, and when it is, how they do so cleanly is still left out. These powers are awesome, but also kind of gross - just like the anime characters who use them. Which one do you find the most appealing?

  • Photo: Gonzo

    Since he's a vampire, it's not exactly surprising that Alucard has blood-based abilities. He can do pretty much anything he wants with his and other peoples' blood with seemingly no limits. He can steal people's souls by absorbing their blood or drown people in tidal waves. Needless to say, you do not want to get on Alucard's bad side.

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  • Photo: ufotable

    Each Demon possesses their own unique version of Blood Demon Arts. Nezuko's Blood Demon Art technique, Exploding Blood, allows her to turn her blood into engulfing flames. These flames can be controlled at will. She can even choose to make these flames non-lethal.

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  • Photo: Manglobe

    Shiro belongs to a group called the Deadmen, all of whom use their own blood as weapons to some degree. Shiro can turn her own blood into a powerful whip that destroys anything it touches on contact. When her body is being used by her alter ego, the Wretched Egg, her whip is so strong that it once caused an earthquake. 

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  • Photo: MAPPA

    As the current heir to the Kamo Family head, Noritoshi possesses the clan's inherited technique: Blood Manipulation. This techniques allows him to manipulate his own blood into any shape or form. He can use it offensively by shaping his blood into projectiles or sharp weapons. Flowing Red Scale, an offset of this technique, also gives him the ability to increase his number of blood cells, granting him enhanced strength and speed.

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