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The 15 Best Anime Characters That Fight With Needles

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With all of the strange and amazing anime weapons to choose from, one might not expect an anime character to zero in on needles - but actually, there are plenty of anime characters who fight with needles out there.

Some anime needle users have a far more straight-forward approach to battle than others do. Gintama's Oboro pretty much just throws needles at people's weak points. Other characters get a whole lot more complicated, however. Illumi Zoldyck of Hunter X Hunter isn't just trying to open up holes in people - he actually inserts needles into people's brains in order to control their behavior. Still, other characters can eject needles from their bodies - Jiraiya from Naruto can turn his long white hair into a mass of sharp, projectile weapons.

Needle-based attacks are surprisingly versatile, so let's give them the attention they deserve. 

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    Tsumugu Kinagase - Kill La Kill

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    Because he's fighting against Life Fibers, an alien life form that resembles actual fiber and can be made into clothes, Tsumugu Kinagase uses a gun that's shaped like a sewing machine which launches needles. These needles are capable of piercing life fibers and removing them from humans who are being consumed by them. His sister Kinue passed away in this manner, so it's quite important for Tsumugu to have a method for protecting others from the same fate.

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    Togemon - Digimon

    Togemon is a gigantic talking cactus, so it's not exactly surprising that needles would come into play. One of her signature attacks is called Needle Spray, and it involves spinning so quickly that she becomes a blur, and then spraying needles at her target. None of this Digimon's other evolutions use needles in battle. 

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    Oboro - Gintama

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    Oboro served as the leader of the Tensho School - a school which specializes in assassination - during Utsuro's absence. He attacks opponents using poisonous needles, a technique that he mastered as a student. He can also use them for acupuncture.

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    Bookman - D.Gray-man

    Bookman's needles have two distinct purposes. He's a skilled acupuncturist who can use his needles to make positive changes in the health of others. However, he can also use his needles in combat against akuma, a form of demon common to the D.Gray-man universe. He can either stab his opponents with a spray of needles or encase them in a circular needle prison. These needles are controlled through telekinetic powers. 

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