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13 Anime Characters Who Suffered A Lot But Eventually Found Peace

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Just because an anime character has a tragic backstory doesn't mean that their story has to end miserably. In fact, even the saddest lives can take a turn for the better. Just look at Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. He was an orphan who lost everyone he loved in the most brutal way possible and worked as a child soldier starting age five. But by the Boruto timeline, he's living a peaceful life hanging out with his closest friend. There's also Rudeus Greyrat from Mushoku Tensei, who was leading an excruciating life until he got the chance to do it over in a fantasy world. Chise Hatori from The Ancient Magus' Bride was in such dire straights that she put herself up for auction, a choice which surprisingly made her life much better.

These characters demonstrate that bad times don't have to last forever. If you're feeling hopeless, their stories can be inspiring. 

  • As a kid, Kakashi's life was a morass of trauma. His father took his own life after being shunned by their village, leaving him orphaned at a young age. He became a ninja when he was just five years old, and quickly became acquainted with the trauma of war. He was forced to annihilate his own teammate, and he thought that his other teammate passed away only to have to face him as a villain later on - a villain who takes their Jonin instructor's life.

    And that's just what happens pre-canon! Add all of the painful losses and traumatic events that occur later and you have one extremely stressful life. But in the Boruto timeline, things are better. Kakashi is retired, and he rarely has to do anything other than chill with his rival and best friend Guy.

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    Eri - My Hero Academia

    Eri's quirk, Rewind, lets her reverse time for living beings. This has incredible potential, but it's also extraordinarily dangerous. This led to her first painful experience - she accidentally reversed her father's age so far backward that he ceased to exist. After that, her mother abandoned her to her yakuza grandfather's care, which eventually led to her being kept by Kai Chisaki, her grandfather's protege. 

    Kai put her through repeated painful experiments in the hopes of using her blood to develop a drug that eliminates quirks, which he saw as a disease. This was stopped when a large group of heroes infiltrated Kai's hideout and rescued Eri by force.

    These days, she's living at U.A. High School under Shota Aizawa's care. Though she still struggles with her painful past, her current life is a relatively happy one.

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  • Scar is an Ishvalan, an ethnic group that was the target of genocide. Losing your loved ones and your way of life is obviously devastating. At first, it fills Scar with rage. All he can think of is getting revenge, to the point where he annihilates two doctors attempting to treat his injuries. 

    While nothing can take away the pain of what Scar endured, he is eventually able to let go of the hate in his heart. Rather than seeking to destroy others in hopes of righting the wrongs of the past, he now seeks peace and prosperity for everyone. He's much happier with this new mentality, and he now has the emotional room to start processing his losses. 

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    Ray - The Promised Neverland

    This is arguably true of all of the Gracefield House orphans - especially Norman, who we could just as easily spotlight. But Ray's suffering lasted longer than anyone else's, because he had to spend twelve years pretending he didn't know that his own mother was going to ship him and his friends out as demon meat.

    Once the secret was out in the open, Ray worked with everyone else to try and escape. Though they're successful, their trials don't end there - the world of demons isn't exactly welcoming, and the kids must be constantly on guard if they hope to survive. Eventually, Ray and his friends do find a way to not just solve the problems plaguing both demons and humans, but go to the human world where they can finally live peaceful lives.

    This part is super rushed and not great for the audience, but no one can say it's not happily ever after for Ray and the rest of his friends.

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