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15 Anime Characters Who Seem Terrifying But Are Super Sweet

August 31, 2021 1.3k votes 217 voters 10k views15 items

You know that saying, don't judge a book by its cover? Well, that definitely applies to these anime characters. For this list, we're looking at scary anime characters who are actually nice. They appear menacing, dangerous, or cruel but are actually total sweethearts.

One oft-cited example is Takeo Gouda from My Love Story!! a large, intimidating teenage boy who looks like he's ready to fight but is actually too busy worrying about what it's going to be like when he finally gets to kiss his beloved girlfriend. There's also Shinra Kusakabe from Fire Force, who wants to be a hero so that he can prove he's actually a good person, even though no one believes that he is. 

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    At the start of the series, Koro-sensei claims that he destroyed the moon, and is planning on doing the same to the Earth unless a group of middle schoolers can stop him. While his smiley face head is a bit silly looking, his powers are deeply threatening. With super speed, super strength, near impenetrable defenses, it's hard to imagine how anyone could stop him.

    The truth is, they can't. But luckily, Koro-sensei was bluffing. He never wanted to hurt anyone. Instead, he wanted to help the middle schoolers in question become the best possible versions of themselves before averting a world-destroying crisis. 

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    Shota Aizawa - My Hero Academia

    Shota Aizawa, also known by his hero name Eraserhead, has a perpetually irritated scowl on his face. Whether he's annoyed with his students for being unruly or mad at them for not taking their own safety seriously enough, he's always annoyed, and he's always threatening to do things like dock grades or even expel his students.

    But underneath his gruff exterior is a teacher who genuinely cares about his kids and desperately wants them to avoid the sad fate that his childhood friend Oboro Shirakumo met as a young hero-in-training. He might act like he hates everything, but the whole image falls apart when you see his affection for kitties or the silly sweater he buys for Eri. 

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    Bols - Akame ga Kill

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    Unlike some of the characters on this list, Bols actually does have a history of doing awful things. He used to work as an executioner and is currently working with the Jaegers.

    Though he certainly looks the part, his involvement with those things has less to do with being inherently evil and more to do with needing to provide for his wife and daughter. That's where the nice guy part comes in. When his family is around, he turns into a Maes Hughes style pile of mush. It's pretty hard to be afraid of him while he's screaming about how much he loves his family.

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    Nezuko Kamado - Demon Slayer

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    Nezuko might look adorable most of the time, but she's also a demon in a world where demons are perceived as terrifying monsters that can do nothing but destroy. Nezuko puts a ton of effort into not hurting humans - instead of eating them, as demons usually do, she conserves energy by sleeping. She refuses to hurt humans - even when they hurt her - because she sees all humans as her family. Her kindness is obvious to the audience, but it'll take a lot of work on both her part and her brother Tanjiro's to get the rest of the Demon Slayers to see that. 

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