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13 Anime Characters Who Lost A Ton Of Weight

Most anime characters are on the thin side, but not all of them have always been that way. Some are anime characters who lost weight, whether by hard work, happenstance, or magic.

Some cases are totally unrealistic: there's no way anyone could possibly lose the amount of weight Kae Serinuma does in a week without surgical intervention, and Alvida's fat-removing Smooth-Smooth Fruit isn't something that exists in real life. But some characters, like Masamune Makabe and Yuri Katsuki lose weight through more tried and true methods: diet and exercise. Sometimes, it's a cause for celebration: the character lost weight in a healthy way, focusing on strength rather than appearance. But other times, the character is motivated by something darker, like when Prompto Argentum thinks that Noctis couldn't possibly want to be friends with a fat person and refuses to face him until he drops the weight. 

No matter what their situation, these characters all make major changes to their physques. Which ones do you think have the most interesting stories?