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13 Anime Characters Who Lost A Ton Of Weight

Updated January 22, 2020 3.4k votes 790 voters 33.1k views13 items

Most anime characters are on the thin side, but not all of them have always been that way. Some are anime characters who lost weight, whether by hard work, happenstance, or magic.

Some cases are totally unrealistic: there's no way anyone could possibly lose the amount of weight Kae Serinuma does in a week without surgical intervention, and Alvida's fat-removing Smooth-Smooth Fruit isn't something that exists in real life. But some characters, like Masamune Makabe and Yuri Katsuki lose weight through more tried and true methods: diet and exercise. Sometimes, it's a cause for celebration: the character lost weight in a healthy way, focusing on strength rather than appearance. But other times, the character is motivated by something darker, like when Prompto Argentum thinks that Noctis couldn't possibly want to be friends with a fat person and refuses to face him until he drops the weight. 

No matter what their situation, these characters all make major changes to their physques. Which ones do you think have the most interesting stories?

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    Fat Gum - 'My Hero Academia'

    In order to use his quirk, Fat Absorbtion, Fat Gum has to maintain a high body weight. That's why he's often seen eating whole trays of takoyaki. Fat Absorbtion allows him to sink his enemies into the folds of his fat, as well as to repel their attacks and launch them right back at them. Doing the latter rapidly depletes his fat reserves, leading to a much slimmer appearance. However, Fat Gum's weight will go back to normal not too long after this occurs. 

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  • During the time skip, Usopp goes to train with Heracles on the Boin Archipelago. While in the Forest of Gluttony, a forest that is filled with delicious prepared foods, Usopp gorges himself on food and gains what looks like hundreds of pounds within a matter of minutes. Unfortunately for Usopp, the island periodically devours any living creature that's overweight. This means that if he wants to escape the island alive, he has to lose the weight.

    He decides to take his training more seriously and become a physically strong person who can keep up with Luffy. By the time he leaves the island, he has a more muscular physique. 

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    Choji Akimichi - 'Naruto'

    Everybody in the Akimichi family is fat, and for good reason: they use a special jutsu that relies on them having plenty of fat to spare. He converts the calories he consumes into raw chakra, which he can use for a variety of techniques, including Multi-Size Technique, which makes him significantly larger, and Human Bullet Tank, which lets him run over his enemies. In dire straights, he can use the Three Coloured Pills, which convert his stored body fat into chakra, and gives him a huge power boost while making him significantly thinner. These pills are to be used as an absolute last resort, however - they can be extremely damaging, and using all three pills is typically considered fatal.

    Choji has to use these several times during Naruto - one example is when he fought against Jirōbō.

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    Isami Aldini - 'Food Wars'

    Isami Aldini is a student at Tōtsuki Culinary Academy along with his twin brother Takumi. He goes through a yearly transformation in which he drops a ton of weight every summer when the heat gets to him, and packs on the pounds in the winter time. The first time his classmates see him in skinny mode, they're understandably shocked. That kind of rapid cycling is super unhealthy in real life, but in Food Wars it's less of a serious thing and more of a visual gag.

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