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13 Anime Characters Who Can Manipulate The Weather

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If you've ever been caught in a downpour, stranded by a snowstorm, or flattened by a heatwave with no air conditioner, you might have wished that you could control the weather and end your suffering. While humans can make incremental changes in the weather patterns, we can't exactly call off a blizzard or make it rain directly onto our exes. But anime characters who can change the weather aren't subject to human limitations.

One of the newest editions to the canon of anime characters who manipulate weather is Hina Amano of Makoto Shinkai's movie, Weathering with You. She's a "sunshine girl" who can force torrential downpours to stop in their tracks. There's also Nami from One Piece, whose weapon, Clima-Tact, allows her to influence the weather in her favor, creating storms, fog, and other conditions as they suit her.

There are plenty more anime characters with weather powers where that came from. Which ones are your favorites?

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