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15 Anime Characters Who Should Run For President in 2020

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No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, chances are that you're fed up with the state of American politics today. Rather than worrying about Republicans and Democrats, wouldn't it be nice to elect an anime character? After all, it'd be a lot less stressful to imagine beloved anime characters in the White House than it is to imagine real candidates with real consequences. So in the spirit of escapism, let's look at anime characters who should run for president.

Which characters you think are the best 2020 anime presidential candidates depends partially on your own values. Do you think that the president needs to have a strong focus on the nation's health? Then Tsunade, a ninja warrior and medical professional who basically invented her city's medical system might earn your vote. Do you think that a president needs a strong sense of American patriotism? Then vote for All Might - he loves America so much he named all of his attacks after states.

This article will ignore petty considerations like "Japanese citizens can't run for president", "people under 35 can't run for president" and "people who don't exist can't run for president." Ignore all that, and cast your vote!

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    All Might - My Hero Academia

    The president of the United States should love the United States - and there's no anime character who is more passionate about it than All Might. Most of his more powerful moves are named after places like Texas, New Hampshire, and California - not only does he love America, he loves every part of it, including the most liberal and most conservative states. He's charming, charismatic, and great at reassuring people that everything is going to turn out great.

    But All Might is more than just charm - he actually works hard to make sure that things really do turn out great. He's a good hearted person who will put every ounce of effort he has into serving his country, which is exactly what America needs. 

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  • If you're not against the idea of voting for someone who would happily skewer you if you found yourself on her bad side, vote for Olivier Mira Armstrong. She's more than proven her leadership qualifications, both by being one of the few people with the sense to keep her family affairs in order, and her role protecting Fort Briggs. She may be harsh, but her underlings deeply respect her and would do anything for her.

    Not many people inspire the level of devotion that Olivier does, but hey, most leaders aren't quite so deserving. Not only is she just plain awesome, but she's also a strong role model for women looking to get into politics - she'll never let a man put her down. 

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  • Sure, being led by a tentacle monster who threatened to blow up the Earth might not seem like a great idea, but there are some truly compelling reasons to elect Koro-sensei to the highest office in the land.

    First of all, Koro-sensei doesn't actually have any intention of harming humanity. As a being of anti-matter, he knows that eventually, he's going to have no choice unless he passes away before that happens. He chooses to use his last year on Earth training a group of depressed middle school students to be talented assassins, great students, and confident and happy people - but Koro-sensei is more than talented enough to take those tactics into the White House.

    What's more, if he does end up having to disappear in order to save the world from annihilation, you can guarantee that he has a squadron of equally talented proteges who can take over as his second in commands. 

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  • While there are plenty of great leaders in the world of Naruto, Tsunade is a cut above the rest. Why? Because she single-handedly established a much needed social program that no one else had even thought about - medically trained ninjas. Thanks to her expert leadership, Konoha ninja no longer passed away from injuries and ailments that could be easily healed with medical inventions. This dramatically increased the success of ninja missions and the quality of life for ninja and their families. 

    Sure, Tsunade isn't perfect - she drinks too much and has a gambling problem - but her running mate Shizune is a pro at keeping her in line. She has a proven track record of making life better for Konoha - why couldn't she do the same for America?

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