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15 Anime Characters Who Should Run For President in 2020

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No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, chances are that you're fed up with the state of American politics today. Rather than worrying about Republicans and Democrats, wouldn't it be nice to elect an anime character? After all, it'd be a lot less stressful to imagine beloved anime characters in the White House than it is to imagine real candidates with real consequences. So in the spirit of escapism, let's look at anime characters who should run for president.

Which characters you think are the best 2020 anime presidential candidates depends partially on your own values. Do you think that the president needs to have a strong focus on the nation's health? Then Tsunade, a ninja warrior and medical professional who basically invented her city's medical system might earn your vote. Do you think that a president needs a strong sense of American patriotism? Then vote for All Might - he loves America so much he named all of his attacks after states.

This article will ignore petty considerations like "Japanese citizens can't run for president", "people under 35 can't run for president" and "people who don't exist can't run for president." Ignore all that, and cast your vote!

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    Haruhi Fujioka - Ouran High School Host Club

    Haruhi Fujioka might not seem like the most likely candidate for president - after all, she doesn't have specific leadership experience. What she does have, however, is even more valuable - she has the ability to recognize and call out bull. When Tamaki is about to make a choice that will reflect poorly on the host club, Haruhi not only calls him out but persuades him to do something different. Tamaki isn't the only person she's able to reason with - basically every member of the host club is swayed by her practicality and common sense. 

    Haruhi also has life experiences that will help her be a good leader for the whole country. Thanks to growing up in poverty, Haruhi understands the struggles of the working class. But because she attended an elite high school full of wealthy students, Haruhi also knows what life is like for the 1%. She has empathy for all classes, not just her own. 

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  • Kenshin Himura once served as an assassin for a group of guerilla warriors. Through this work, he discovered that his original methods only led to more suffering, and decided to dedicate himself to a life of peace. Despite being a staunch pacifist who is committed to upholding his old ideals, Kenshin still realizes that he would occasionally have to fight in order to keep innocent people safe. This kind of strong moral backbone, combined with a willingness to do what has to be done in a crisis situation, are the traits of exactly the kind of person who should be leading a nation.

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    Ash Lynx - Banana Fish

    Ash Lynx - Banana Fish
    Photo: MAPPA

    It's understandable that some people might be hesitant about electing Ash Lynx, also known as Ash Callenreese, to the highest office in the land. He has an extensive criminal background, which doesn't exactly make him sound like presidential material.

    Here's why you should still cast your vote for Ash. Ash isn't a criminal because he wants to be - he's a criminal because he was raised by a mafia boss who gave him no choice if he wanted to survive. His experience as a gang leader proves that he can unite people for a common cause. What's more, he's able to empathize with others while still taking decisive actions against them when they become a threat. When his best friend Shorter Wong betrayed him, he immediately and intuitively understood the complex political situation that forced Shorter into that position, and didn't resent him for it - but he still stopped him from continuing to threaten Eiji, who was completely innocent and needed Ash's protection.

    As president, Ash could use his intuition, decisiveness, and leadership skills to do what needs to be done for his country. He may not have a clean record, but he's demonstrated the ability to learn from his less savory experiences and use them for the greater good. 

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    Sora - No Game No Life

    Sora - No Game No Life
    Photo: Madhouse

    Would you vote for a shut-in who spends all day playing video games at home with his pre-pubescent sister? If you answered 'no' you are missing out, because Sora of No Game No Life would actually be an incredible leader. He proves that not just with his amazing oratorical skills that convince the people of Elkia that they can trust him even though they barely know who he is, but by actually saving Elkia from obscurity and financial ruin.

    One thing Sora needs before he can truly shine is a little bit of counseling - the presidency isn't gamified, so he might need a little help unlocking his true potential in office. But once he gets that squared away, he'll be great. 

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