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12 Cold-Hearted Anime Characters Who Don't Give A Damn About Anyone

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Some anime characters will utterly astonish you with their cold, cruel behavior. Several anime feature some cold-blooded protagonists, antagonists, and/or ancillary characters who don't give a damn about anyone, but this baker's dozen is the coldest of the bunch. 

Ice cold characters aren't just anime personalities who show no emotion, or characters who keep their feelings hidden. On the contrary, some of these ice cold characters will can actually show quite a bit of emotion while they ruthlessly attack their enemies.

These characters with frozen hearts feel anger, sadistic joy, and yes, sometimes sadness when their plans go awry. But they don't feel remorse, and if they do feel empathy, they sure as heck don't act on it. This isn't a list of the best anime characters, its a collection of the most ruthless. 

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    Light Yagami of Death Note starts off kind, but he quickly devolves into one of the coldest, cruelest dudes in anime history. While his goals are ostensibly rooted in creating a crime-free world, he does so through supernatural murders.

    Despite seemingly good intentions, Light quickly loses sight of his original goals and becomes obsessed with defeating all who oppose him. By the end, any compassion he once had is out the window.

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  • Literally nicknamed after the fictional murderer Jason Voorhees, Yakumo 'Jason' Oomori of Tokyo Ghoul is an enormous, physically powerful ghoul. While all ghouls must eat human flesh to survive, and are obliged to kill as a result, this guy takes it to the next level.

    After being brutally tortured, he dramatically changed his personality, becoming violent, sadistic, and willing to torture and kill just about anyone without a shred of remorse. 

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    Shogo Makishima From Psycho Pass

    Shogo Makishima, the antagonist of the deeply thought-provoking series Psycho Passis a complex character who does genuinely care about the world he lives in. Said world is controlled by the Sybil system, which seeks to eliminate crime by tracking down people who might commit them, and either killing them or forcing them into mandated "therapy." Makishima seeks to dismantle this system.

    If you haven't seen Psycho Pass, you might be wondering why someone with such a seemingly noble goal might be on this list. However, if you have seen Psycho Pass, you know that Makishima is utterly ruthless when it comes to achieving this goal. His heartless actions include slitting a young woman's throat in front of her best friend, inciting riots, and attempting to cut off his nation's food supply.

    Makishima's he doesn't care who he has to destroy to achieve his goals.

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    Hellsing's Alucard is an immortal, invulnerable vampire who isn't really vibing with the whole "compassion for others" thing. Not only is he 100% fine with assisting a vampire-hunting organization in taking down his own kind, he does it with pleasure.

    He kills with abandon, for reasons that include feeding, fun, and avenging insults. His "humanity" occasionally peeks through, but for the most part, Alucard is a cold-blooded murderer.

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