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14 Times Anime Characters Flexed Their Strength In A Big Way

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If you want to know who the most powerful anime characters are, sometimes you have to look for the dramatic moments when they put their power on display. Anime characters who flexed their strength include Escanor of The Seven Deadly Sins, who was so strong that he cleaved a mountain in half, and so terrifying that his aura alone turned his enemy into stone. There's also Mirio from My Hero Academia, who challenged all of Class 1-A to a battle and wiped the floor with them. 

Are these anime characters showing off? Sure, but a little self-confidence never hurt anyone. These characters know exactly how strong they are and want the rest of the world to know it too. Whose strength are you the most impressed by? 

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    Madara Flexes Huge With A Simple Question (Naruto Shippuden)

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    "Would you like these clones to use Susanoo or not?"

    Imagine fighting Madara and it's already nearly impossible to even land a blow on him, and then he says something like that. He has a lot of flex moments throughout the series, but this moment during the Fourth Shinobi War was a clear example of him knowingly flexing on his opponents.

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    Escanor Sliced Through A Mountain (The Seven Deadly Sins)

    Someone who had only seen Escanor during the night wouldn't be able to believe their eyes if they saw his jaw-dropping display of strength during his battle with Galand. Not only did the Lion Sin of Pride cleave his way through a freakin' mountain, he also defeated Galand without laying a hand on him. How did he do that, you ask? By having an aura that was so terrifying that Galand turned into stone out of fear. Needless to say, everyone watching was thoroughly convinced of Escanor's strength. 

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    In the middle of his Chuunin exam battle against Gaara, Gai suggests that Rock Lee take off his leg weights to help him move a little easier. Lee resists at first, since Gai once told him that he should only remove the weights to protect others. But ultimately, he takes his sensei's suggestion, and drops the weights to the ground. They crash to the floor so hard they almost break it, leaving Lee able to bounce around the room like a boomerang.

    To be fair to Rock Lee, he's not exactly showing off here - he's just trying to make the fight go a little more smoothly. But intentional or not, everybody in the the room was astonished by his speed and strength - so yeah, this one was definitely a flex.

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    During the Hunter exam, Killua Zoldyck is faced with a challenge that would have had most people quitting right there and then. In fact, most people encourage Killua to do so, except for Gon who knows Killua well enough by now to know that he's got this. Killua is supposed to fight a straight up serial killer who is in prison for his crimes and has no intention of showing Killua the slightest hint of mercy. With great speed and great calm, Killua tears the man's heart straight out of his body. This scene is one of the more brutal ones in the show, and it truly drives home the fact that Killua is not screwing around. 

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