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14 Anime Characters Who Snapped After Someone Died

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When an anime character passes away, their friends and allies are bound to react somehow. Sometimes, that reaction is pretty subdued - but sometimes it's one of the most intense things that happens in a series. Let's take a look at anime characters who snapped when someone died.

A characters' response to a loved ones' passing can trigger a power-up, like when Goku went Super Saiyan for the first time after Frieza took down Krillin. But it can also prompt a deep, life-altering depression, like when Tomoya Okazaki stops going to work and starts drinking heavily after his wife passes away during childbirth, or when Simon can't function as a member of his team after Kamina's demise in Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Which of these striking reactions had the most impact? 

  • Roy Mustang absolutely despises Envy from the deepest, darkest pit of his soul. That's because Envy is the one who's responsible for the demise of Maes Hughes, one of Roy's best friends in the world. And so he isn't willing to show Envy any mercy whatsoever, especially when he sees Envy attempting to strangle another beloved person, Riza Hawkeye. He unleashes a relentless torrent of flames at Envy while they scream in agony, and refuse to stop even when it's clear that Envy's been defeated. They revert into their base form, a small caterpillar-like creature that can't do much but crawl around and sob. It's a relief when Roy is finally talked down from continuing the onslaught - sure, Envy might deserve to be punished, but it's disturbing to watch Roy go against his values out of anger.

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  • What does it take to trigger a Super Saiyan transformation? The first time it happens, it's the demise of a close friend. After Frieza callously destroys Krillin as he begs for help, Goku is furious. That fury is enough to trigger the first of many epic transformations in the series. This gives him the power boost he needs to eventually defeat Frieza - though it'll be many more episodes before the fight concludes. 

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    Despite seeing a corpse-like being who operates under automatic controls, Gon spends a lot of time thinking that Kite can be healed. In fact, he's so sure that Neferpitou can do it that he forgoes an opportunity to fight her while she's vulnerable. But after Neferpitou finishes healing Komugi and sees the state Kite's in, she says he's already passed and there's nothing she can do. Gon loses it. He starts off mumbling to himself, alternating between trying to find a way for Kite to still be alive and telling himself that he's gone - and once he lands on gone, he's incandescent with rage. Neferpitou, who took Kite's life in the first place, bears the brunt of it. Gon trades in all the power he'll ever have in his life for an enormous boost that causes him to swell from a tiny 12-year-old to a totally jacked full-grown man. He beats Neferpitou bloody. 

    After that, his body is a shriveled husk, and he has to be kept alive through machinery. The only reason he survives is through Alluka's reality-breaking wish granting powers. 

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  • Luffy is almost successful at saving his brother Ace's life, but even after a crazy battle and actually managing to get Ace out of the Impel Down prison, he passes away in his arms anyway. The usually energetic Luffy is totally drained from the hormones he'd taken to increase his powers and from the impact of the previous battle. Because he's so tired, he can't respond to this monumental loss in any way besides bursting into tears.

    Sobbing uncontrollably and completely unable to function, Luffy is guided away from the scene. It's a while before he's anything like his usual self. 

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