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14 Anime Characters Who Snapped After Someone Died

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When an anime character passes away, their friends and allies are bound to react somehow. Sometimes, that reaction is pretty subdued - but sometimes it's one of the most intense things that happens in a series. Let's take a look at anime characters who snapped when someone died.

A characters' response to a loved ones' passing can trigger a power-up, like when Goku went Super Saiyan for the first time after Frieza took down Krillin. But it can also prompt a deep, life-altering depression, like when Tomoya Okazaki stops going to work and starts drinking heavily after his wife passes away during childbirth, or when Simon can't function as a member of his team after Kamina's demise in Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Which of these striking reactions had the most impact? 

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    This one's actually an inversion of the trope, because Kuwabara isn't actually dead - but Yusuke thinks he is, and that's enough. Toguro was to see Yusuke's full potential, something that won't happen unless his emotions are sufficiently roiled. So Toguro attacks his best friend Kuwabara, seemingly ending his life. Yusuke's rage and despair floods him with so much Spirit Energy that it literally alters the atmosphere, lets him move so quickly that his movements can't be tracked, and gives him the strength to send Toguro sailing out of the arena, ultimately winning the fight.

    Much to the audience's relief, Kuwabara is okay - and Yusuke's pretty annoyed with him for making him worry!

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  • In order to get Obito to agree to help create the Infinite Tsukuyomi and awaken his latent powers, Madara lures him to a horrific scene that he set up. The scene involves Obito's best friend Kakashi plunging his Chidori attack into his crush Rin's chest. This happened because Madara sealed the Three Tails inside of Rin and programmed it to escape and attack if she ever set foot in Konoha again. Rin asked Kakashi to destroy her, and when he refused she jumped in front of an attack meant for enemy ninja. 

    When Obito sees this, he's missing much of the context: all he sees is his best friend destroying his crush. He's so overcome with rage and despair that he goes on a rampage, wrecking all of the Kirigakure ninja in sight. He's able to do this easily, because the shock of what he saw awakens his mangekyo sharingan. 

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    After Legato sends one of his Gungo-Ho Guns, Monev the Gale, after Vash, there's a dramatic battle that leaves most of the city destroyed and multiple lives lost. 

    Once Vash settles the fight with Monev in an epic gun duel, he criticizes him on the immorality of his actions. Monev couldn't care less, which makes Vash so filled with rage that the only thing that holds him back from destroying him is his memory of Rem.

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    Yu Otosaka Loses His Sister And His Dignity In 'Charlotte' 

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    After his little sister Ayumi is crushed under a building because her Collapse ability activates at the wrong time, Yu Otosaka is devastated. He responds by completely dropping out of his life and living in a net cafe. There, he spends his days playing video games, eating junk food, and getting into fights. At one point he starts feeling so horrendous that he's about to start using hard drugs to deal with his emotions. Luckily for him, his friend Nao Tomori stops him in the nick of time, encouraging him to give up his derelict lifestyle and get back to his job - helping people with abilities just like his late sister's stay safe. 

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