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24 Times Anime Characters Snapped And Went Berserk

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Some of the greatest moments in anime come when characters are pushed to their limits. Whatever is happening to them is so upsetting that their usual coping mechanisms or battle tactics just aren't cutting it.

Among the best anime characters who snapped who are those who unleashed an attack that no one thought they were capable of, like Gohan when he decides to stop sitting idly by and beat the tar out of Frieza. Others don't get physically violent, but verbally eviscerate another person in a way that's completely unlike them, like Nadeko Sengoku does in Monogatari. 

Which characters have the most awesome moments of losing it? 

  • If anything is likely to make a person snap and go berserk, it's being tortured. After enduring everything from having his fingers and toes chopped off and regenerated over and over again to having a centipede dropped into his ear, Ken Kaneki just can't take it anymore.

    The kindhearted young man he once was disappears, and his hair turns white. Where before he preferred to avoid violence if at all possible, now he's fully willing to fight for his life. But he goes much further than just fighting - he takes a bite from Yamori's flesh and eats his kagune, leaving him a horrifically injured wreck before escaping.

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  • Guts Goes Berserk In 'Berserk'
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    Given that the show is called Berserk, it'd be pretty disappointing if there wasn't a moment like this. In fact, there are several. Let's zero in on a dramatic but lesser-known example from when Guts and Griffith were still friends. During one arc in the 90's series, Guts and company had to rescue Griffith who was being held hostage. When he discovers that Griffith has been starved and tortured into a shadow of his former self, he breaks through a wooden door to savagely waste the person responsible - and just about everybody else he comes across. This series definitely lives up to its title. 

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    Vegeta Goes Super Saiyan On Beerus After He Slaps Bulma in 'Dragon Ball Super'

    In this awesome fight scene, Vegeta proves that no one can hurt his wife and get away with it. When Bulma berates Beerus for ruining her birthday party, Beerus slaps her and knocks her onto the ground. Vegeta becomes furious at the sight of his wife getting hurt and transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. Even Master Roshi is amazed as he remarks how his anger has made him even stronger than Goku. 

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  • Edward Elric Avenges Nina Tucker In 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'
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    What would you do if you discovered that the man standing in front of you had fused his dog with his daughter in an attempt to boost his career? Chances are, you wouldn't be able to respond gracefully - especially if that person is equating what he did with the worst mistake you ever made.

    When the contemptible Shou Tucker tells Edward Elric that what he and Alphonse tried to do by bringing his mother back to life was no different from Tucker's chimeras, Edward screams that that isn't true, and pummels Tucker into a bloody pulp. Most satisfying moment in FMA? Arguably - but it's also a deeply sad one.

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