25 Times Anime Characters Snapped And Went Berserk

Some of the greatest moments in anime come when characters are pushed to their limits. Whatever is happening to them is so upsetting that their usual coping mechanisms or battle tactics just aren't cutting it.

Among the best anime characters who snapped who are those who unleashed an attack that no one thought they were capable of, like Gohan when he decides to stop sitting idly by and beat the tar out of Frieza. Others don't get physically violent, but verbally eviscerate another person in a way that's completely unlike them, like Nadeko Sengoku does in Monogatari. 

Which characters have the most awesome moments of losing it? 


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    Gon Reveals His Terrifying Form To Neferpitou In 'Hunter x Hunter (2011)'

    Gon Reveals His Terrifying Form To Neferpitou In 'Hunter x Hunter (2011)'
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    Gon is a character who rarely gets too angry or upset. Therefore, his rage scene came as a shock to most viewers. After Neferpitou kills Kite, Gon becomes so enraged that he transforms into a terrifying and unrecognizable form. He easily overpowers Neferpitou and even kills them. If it weren't for Killua interfering, Gon would have killed Komugi and himself since his power was too strong and self-destructive.

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    Roy Mustang Unleashes Hell Upon Envy In 'FMA: Brotherhood'

    Roy Mustang Unleashes Hell Upon Envy In 'FMA: Brotherhood'
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    If there's one thing that Envy taught us in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, it's that you shouldn't piss off Roy Mustang. After walking in on the homunculus strangling his "irreplaceable subordinate" Riza Hawkeye, Mustang loses it and pummels Envy over and over with deadly explosions. His final attack is so powerful it causes Envy to slump over and reveal his powerless true form - a small caterpillar-like creature that is helpless without a host or Philosopher's Stone to draw power from.

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    Ichigo Transforms Into His Full Hollow Form In 'Bleach'

    After being blasted in the chest by Ulquiorra, Ichigo is left severely wounded on the ground. But hearing Orihime's pleas for help awakens his new Full Hollow Form. Ulquiorra, who previously had the upper hand in the battle, is left defenseless against Ichigo's terrifying form. The immense power Ichigo demonstrates in this fight proved that no one could defeat him in this form.

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    Obito Slaughters The Hidden Mist Ninjas In 'Naruto: Shippuden'

    Obito's rage against the Hidden Mist ninjas remains one of the darkest scenes in the Naruto series. Ater witnessing Rin's death, Obito flies into a state of rage and grief, awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan. The Hidden Mist ninjas attack Obito, but his new Mangekyo makes him impossible to defeat. Obito mercilessly kills everyone in his sight until he's left in a forest of blood. It's a scene that is truly chilling and tragic.