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The 16 Most Extreme Transformations In Anime History

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Metamorphosis is a theme that permeates anime. The process excites viewers and sometimes leaves them in awe. It’s that amazing moment when the protagonist or antagonist of the story goes through a transformation so distinct it leaves you speechless. Over the years, there have been many extreme anime transformations which you can’t help but watch more than once. 

Often when viewers think of a character transforming, the image of a magical girl transforming into a colorful warrior might pop to mind. While these enchanting sequences can be enjoyable, anime character transformations aren’t limited to the magical girl genre. In fact, there are many great titles that show anime characters who transform into something more sinister, unusual, or just plain ol' bonkerballs nuts. You're not going to find anything cutesy on this list, unless your perception of "cute" is way outside normal parameters. In which case, you know what, good for you! It takes all kinds of fruit to make a salad.