13 Anime Characters Who Use Their Enemy's Attacks Against Them

If you're up against one of the anime characters who use their enemy's attacks against them, you probably don't want to be too strong. Otherwise you'll find your own strength becoming your own worst enemy. 

One example is Accelerator of A Certain Magical Index, who is able to reverse anything that touches the field of vectors surrounding his body, thus sending all attacks hurtling back towards their source without leaving a scratch on him. There's also Asta of Black Clover, whose anti-magic sword allows him to absorb magic and send it back to his opponent with a powerful energy slash. 

Which of these characters has the coolest reflective abilities? That's up to you to decide. 


  • Meliodas' signature attack is called Full Counter. It allows him to not only reflect the enemy attacks right back where they came from, but it also doubles their strength. That means that the stronger his opponent, the better off Meliodas is.

    But as cool as this attack might sound, there are some serious drawbacks. While using Full Counter, he's unable to initiate any attacks of his own. This means that in some ways, his opponent controls the outcome. What's more, he can only reflect attacks that he can fully analyze, so if the attacker is hiding the timing or nature of their assault, he won't be able to to do anything about it. 

  • Fat Gum's quirk, Fat Absorption, can be used against his enemies in two ways. First, anybody who attempts to strike him runs the risk of being sunken into the folds of his fat and immobilized. But Fat Gum can also absorb the raw energy behind another person's attack, and throw it back to them in the form of a super-powered punch. This technique is risky, however, because it requires him to burn up his fat and takes a huge toll on his stamina. So, if he doesn't land a one-hit K.O., he might not be able to defend himself against retaliation. As such, he uses this aspect of his quirk only when he's up against a particularly powerful villain.

  • One of Asta's anti-magic weapons, the Demon-Dweller Sword, has a special ability. It can absorb magical spells, and then release that magic offensively. When the sword has absorbed a large amount of a specific magical variety, its black markings will start to glow in a corresponding color, which allows Asta to unleash the magic by slashing his sword. Not only does this prevent Asta from getting hit by his opponent's spells, it also gives him an attack of his own.

    This weapon can't be used by just anyone. Because it constantly absorbs magic, if a magic user tries to use the sword, they'll find that their own powers are being siphoned by the sword. For the non-magical Asta, it's a perfect weapon.

  • Captain Jūshirō Ukitake's Zanpakutō, Sōgyo no Kotowari, has a wide range of abilities, but it's its special ability that earns it a spot on this list. He can absorb an opponents' energy attack with the blade of his sword. The energy passes through a rope connected to the sword. On the rope are five charms that increase the attack's pressure and speed before redirecting them towards his enemy. This happens so fast that it looks like the attack came straight from the sword itself.