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15 Anime 'Knife Nuts" Who Prefer To Fight With Knives

Updated 5 Feb 2020 3.3k votes 810 voters 22.4k views15 items

While you were out partying, these anime characters studied the blade. Sure, they could be using guns, superpowers, or any number of other fighting methods, but there's just something about handheld steel that they find especially compelling. 

Some anime characters who use knives use them in conjunction with other abilities, like the uber-creepy Himiko Toga of My Hero Academia, who uses her weapon to get ahold of her opponent's blood so that she can eat it and transform into them. But others prefer to use the weapon as is, like Maes Hughes of Fullmetal Alchemist who uses his push blades in lieu of alchemy. 

Which of these characters would you not want to face in a knife fight?

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