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The 15 Best Anime Characters Who Fight With Poison

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When you think of anime characters who fight with poison, you might be thinking of more villainous types. People likely to associate poison with someone who is sneaky, sadistic, or otherwise evil - and considering how much damage it can do, this is understandable.

While anime poison users do include villains like Bleach's mad scientist Mayuri Kurotsuchi and My Hero Academia's League of Villains member Mustard, the category also encompasses heroes, like Shizune from Naruto, who uses poison techniques to defend her village while also being fully capable of healing poison when necessary. 

Poison use is an exciting and versatile battle technique - and it's used by some of anime's most fascinating characters. Who is your favorite?

  • The vice warden of the Impel Down Prison, Magellan, utilizes the power of the Venom-Venom fruit to control prisoners and subdue enemies. This fruit lets him produce and manipulate a variety of poisons, and gives him total immunity to poison of all kinds. One of his signature techniques involves creating a giant dragon made out of poisonous purple sludge and uses it to attack his opponents.

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    Gordon Agrippa - Black Clover

    Gordon Agrippa serves the Clover Kingdom's Black Bull squad as a First Class Junior Magic Knight. He looks kind of like Marilyn Manson, but instead of violent lyrics, Gordon uses poison magic to fight his opponents. Using spells contained in his grimoire, Gordon can generate and control poison.

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    Manami Okuda - Assassination Classroom

    Manami Okuda - Assassination Classroom
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    Unlike many of the characters on this list, Manami Okuda doesn't have any magical poisonous abilities. What she does have are some seriously impressive chemistry skills that allow her to create her own poisons, which she mixes with the intention of destroying Koro-sensei, her many-tentacled homeroom teacher.

    Because she chose to emphasize her scientific skills at the expense of her social skills, she's easily tricked into creating a "poison" that makes Koro-sensei more powerful. The ultimate lesson for Manami, which Koro-sensei makes sure she internalizes, is to pursue a more well-rounded path which includes communication skills. 

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    Shizune - Naruto

    Shizune is a medical professional who doubles as a ninja. Just as she can heal her patients with medical ninjutsu, she can also sicken her opponents with poison. Shizune coats her weapons with various poisons and breathes clouds of poison from her mouth.

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