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The 15 Best Anime Characters Who Fight With Poison

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When you think of anime characters who fight with poison, you might be thinking of more villainous types. People likely to associate poison with someone who is sneaky, sadistic, or otherwise evil - and considering how much damage it can do, this is understandable.

While anime poison users do include villains like Bleach's mad scientist Mayuri Kurotsuchi and My Hero Academia's League of Villains member Mustard, the category also encompasses heroes, like Shizune from Naruto, who uses poison techniques to defend her village while also being fully capable of healing poison when necessary. 

Poison use is an exciting and versatile battle technique - and it's used by some of anime's most fascinating characters. Who is your favorite?

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    Arbok - Pokémon

    Arbok - Pokémon
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    There's actually an entire subset of Pokémon that primarily use poison type moves, but Arbok - as a species and as Jessie's Pokémon in the early days of the anime, is one of the most prominent. Much like the real-world animal he's based on, the cobra, Arbok uses poison both for defensive and offensive purposes. He can learn some of the most powerful poison-based moves in the Pokémon universe, including Toxic, which steadily drains a target of its life force.

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    Sucy Manbavaran - Little Witch Academia

    Sucy Manbavaran is witch-in-training whose area of expertise is alchemy, potions, and of course, poisons. The poisons she concocts are so powerful that they can reduce any living thing into a jelly-like mass. Though many of her creations are just for her own amusement and edification, others are used for dealing with her enemies. 

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    Pannacotta Fugo - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

    Like most characters in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Pannacotta Fugo uses a stand to take on his opponents. His stand, Purple Haze, is capable of releasing a powerful flesh-eating virus that can destroy an adult human's body in less than a minute. While it's possible to build immunity against Purple Haze, nearly anyone who faces it will succumb to its effects. Purple Haze cannot differentiate between friends and enemies, so Pannacotta only uses it when absolutely necessary.

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    Mustard - My Hero Academia

    At only thirteen years old, Mustard is a member of the League of Villains. He serves the organization by using his quirk, which allows him to create poisonous, sleep-inducing gas. Unfortunately, he isn't immune to the gas he produces. In order to use it successfully, he has to wear a gas mask to protect himself from inhaling it. 

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