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15 Anime Characters Who Went Out In A Blaze of Glory

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Most anime deaths have some level of drama or gravitas attached to them, but some of them are truly epic moments featuring anime characters who went out in a blaze of glory.

Many of these characters lost their lives in high-stakes battles that they didn't even once consider running away from no matter how badly hurt they were. Zabuza Momochi might not have had usable arms, but that didn't mean he couldn't keep fighting mercenaries with a kunai in his mouth. Other moments involve major sacrifices that prove just how brave the character in question is - Lelouch Lamperouge's last moments proved that he was willing to do anything for lasting peace.

All of these scenes will do something to your emotions - which one gets your heart pumping the hardest?

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    Isaac Netero Self-Destructs In 'Hunter x Hunter' 

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    After realizing that there was no way he could possibly defeat the king of the Chimera Ants, Isaac Netero decides to take drastic measures. He detonates a bomb called the Poor Man's Rose that was housed inside of his body. It has the power to not only tear Netero apart, but to severely wound Meruem. While the bomb itself isn't enough to end Meruem's life, the bomb also contains a lethal, contagious poison that ultimately destroys him.

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    Lelouch Lamperouge needed a villain for the populace to mutually hate and unite in the desire to destroy. He also needed his alter-ego, Zero, to look like a hero as he led them towards ultimate peace. To do that, he made himself look like a cruel despot, then had his friend Suzaku dress up like Zero and take his life in a showy public display. The fact that he was willing to make such a massive sacrifice combined with the drama of the scene, makes this one of anime's most glorious final moments. 

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  • Up until the end of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Greed was more or less on board with helping Father achieve godhood. Not because he really cared, but because it's what he was made to do. But after getting closer to Ling and changing his perspective on a lot of things, he ended up being instrumental in defeating Father. 

    When Father tried to absorb Greed into his body as a power boost, Greed went willingly - if he didn't, Ling would have passed away. But the chemical changes that Greed causes in Father's body makes him brittle enough to be wrecked by Ed's punch during the all-out brawl taking place around them. Greed started out a villain, and ended up a hero. 

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  • Just because the deaths usually aren't permanent in DBZ doesn't mean that they lack impact. DBZ actually has a number of awesome moments where characters get to show what they're made of before they pass away. For now, lets focus on an incredible moment featuring Vegeta.

    In order to destroy Majin Buu, Vegeta decides to sacrifice himself with Final Explosion. Before he does, he hugs his son for the first time, then accepts it when Piccolo tells him that he'll probably have to go to Hell for all the awful things he's done, unlike Goku who is a hero. With a major character turning point under his belt, he unleashes one of his most powerful attacks yet. Sadly, it's not enough to take down Buu. 

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