15 Anime Characters Who Went Out In A Blaze of Glory

Most anime deaths have some level of drama or gravitas attached to them, but some of them are truly epic moments featuring anime characters who went out in a blaze of glory.

Many of these characters lost their lives in high-stakes battles that they didn't even once consider running away from no matter how badly hurt they were. Zabuza Momochi might not have had usable arms, but that didn't mean he couldn't keep fighting mercenaries with a kunai in his mouth. Other moments involve major sacrifices that prove just how brave the character in question is - Lelouch Lamperouge's last moments proved that he was willing to do anything for lasting peace.

All of these scenes will do something to your emotions - which one gets your heart pumping the hardest?


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    Whitebeard Dies Standing Up In 'One Piece'

    Whitebeard Dies Standing Up In 'One Piece'
    Photo: Toei Animation

    After a dramatic showdown with Blackbeard, Whitebeard ultimately succumbs to the injuries accrued both from Blackbeard himself and from being pummeled by bullets, blades, cannonballs and fire by Blackbeard's crew. He holds out long enough for his crew to get away with Luffy, and deliver a dramatic speech that not only confirms the existence of the One Piece, but also makes it clear that Blackbeard isn't worthy of it. Despite being unmatched, he doesn't run away - he shows his unscarred back to prove that he's never gotten a single injury from running way, then dies on his feet. 

  • Zabuza Momochi Fights Through Agony In 'Naruto'
    Photo: Studio Pierrot

    There are actually a ton of moments like this one in Naruto, so we'll start with the one that started it all - Zabuza Momochi's last moments. The guy has his work cut out for him. He's already totally exhausted, he has to fight off a mob of mercenaries, and his arms are too badly injured to use. Most people would just give up, but Zabuza decides to keep on fighting with a kunai in his mouth. Why? Because he's a freakin' badass, that's why.

    But Zabuza's moments aren't just awesome - he also has a touching moment with Haku just before he passes away that made a lot of viewers sob. There's glory in that, too.

  • Spike Spiegel Takes On The Red Dragon Syndicate In 'Cowboy Bebop'
    Photo: Sunrise

    After single-handedly taking down the entire Red Dragon Syndicate and having a final clash with his former friend Vicious, Spike seemingly passes away on the grounds with one final word and gesture - finger gun with the word "bang." It's one of the most memorable moments in anime history. 

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    Rengoku Proves His Indomitable Spirit In 'Demon Slayer: Mugen Train'

    Rengoku Proves His Indomitable Spirit In 'Demon Slayer: Mugen Train'
    Photo: ufotable

    There's a reason why Rengoku's spiritual core is covered in blazing flames. It's a representation of his indomitable spirit and will to protect others from demons. When Akaza mortally wounds the Flame Hashira by piercing through his solar plexus, it seems as if their intense battle has finally come to an end. Yet Rengoku pushes through the pain and tries to slice Akaza's head with his sword. It's also worth noting that he does this with Akaza's arm still stuck in his solar plexus in order to prevent the demon from running away. Now, that's a metal way to go.