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15 Times Anime Characters Were Majorly Bamboozled

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In anime of every genre, anime characters who were bamboozled can create an intriguing plot point. 

Depending on which character you're rooting for, scenes involving anime characters who were tricked can be enormously rewarding or enormously frustrating. On the one hand, it's awesome to watch Senku deceive Tsukasa's army into thinking he has a weapon in Dr. Stone, and it rules to watch Shikamaru trick Hidan into consuming Kakuzu's gun in Naruto. On the other, it's frustrating as all heck to watch Myne lure Naofumi into a false sense of security before betraying him in The Rising of the Shield Hero

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    Sousuke Aizen Fakes His Own Passing In 'Bleach'

    When Bleach viewers first meet Sousuke Aizen, he appears to be a kindly nerd who wouldn't hurt a fly. Not only does he completely pull the wool over Soul Society's eyes by hiding his true nature, he also faked his own death in order to sow chaos in the organization and deflect from his plans to overthrow them. Oh, and he's constantly creating illusions that distort reality to further confuse people and prevent them from taking decisive action against him. Aizen doesn't just have one moment where he bamboozles others - it's essentially his entire existence. 

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    Koro-sensei Bamboozled The Whole World In 'Assassination Classroom'

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    At the beginning of Assassination Classroom, a tentacle monster with a smiley face for a head claims to have partially destroyed the Moon. What's more, he says he's going to do the same thing to the Earth unless somebody can figure out how to assassinate him - but he'll give the people of Earth a chance to survive if they let him teach a specific middle school class.

    As it turns out, this is all a front. Not only did Koro-sensei not destroy the Moon, but he also has no malice whatsoever toward the Earth. Rather than truly posing a malicious threat, he wants to ensure that humanity is prepared to stop his anti-matter from exploding and harming the planet he loves, all while helping a group of kids discover the best versions of themselves. 

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    Greed Tricks Ling Yao Into Letting Him Make The Ultimate Sacrifice In 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood'

    This is actually one of the more touching moments in FMA: Brotherhood. Being a homunculus whose emotions are usually some form of his name, Greed doesn't usually care about anyone except himself. But after months of sharing a body with Ling Yao, he does begin to develop something of a bond with him - which is why he tricks him.

    Father is trying to suck Greed out of Ling's body in order to absorb the philosopher's stone inside of him. Ling is trying to prevent this, because he wants Greed to help him rule as the Xingese emperor. When Greed fails to persuade Ling to let go, he lies and says that they'll rule Xing together - then punches Ling in the face when he's distracted. He does this to prevent Ling from being destroyed along with him - the first time Greed ever displayed care for another living being.

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    Senku Ishigami Tricks Tsukasa's Army Into Thinking He Has A Gun In 'Dr. Stone'

    How do you stave off an army of people who are far more physically powerful than you are? By pretending that you have weapons they don't. Senku Ishigami and the rest of the Ishigami village are pretty technologically advanced considering their minimal time and resources, but they haven't exactly figured out how to make guns by the time Tsukasa's army rolls up. By lighting a pipe while Magma hurls a rock as hard as possible, Senku manages to trick them into believing that they've already created deadly weapons - thus buying them some time to prepare for the next invasion. 

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