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15 Times Anime Characters Were Majorly Bamboozled

Updated 3 Dec 2019 8.5k votes 1.6k voters 43.4k views15 items

In anime of every genre, anime characters who were bamboozled can create an intriguing plot point. 

Depending on which character you're rooting for, scenes involving anime characters who were tricked can be enormously rewarding or enormously frustrating. On the one hand, it's awesome to watch Senku deceive Tsukasa's army into thinking he has a weapon in Dr. Stone, and it rules to watch Shikamaru trick Hidan into consuming Kakuzu's gun in Naruto. On the other, it's frustrating as all heck to watch Myne lure Naofumi into a false sense of security before betraying him in The Rising of the Shield Hero

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