15 Times Anime Characters Were Majorly Bamboozled

In anime of every genre, anime characters who were bamboozled can create an intriguing plot point. 

Depending on which character you're rooting for, scenes involving anime characters who were tricked can be enormously rewarding or enormously frustrating. On the one hand, it's awesome to watch Senku deceive Tsukasa's army into thinking he has a weapon in Dr. Stone, and it rules to watch Shikamaru trick Hidan into consuming Kakuzu's gun in Naruto. On the other, it's frustrating as all heck to watch Myne lure Naofumi into a false sense of security before betraying him in The Rising of the Shield Hero

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  • L Uses Lind L. Tailor To Find Key Info On Kira In 'Death Note'
    Photo: Madhouse

    Death Note is full of trickery and deceit, but one particularly memorable time is when Light Yagami walks straight into a trap laid by the great detective L. L found a man named Lind L. Tailor who was scheduled to be executed, and had him go on television and pretend to be L himself. L assumed that Kira would take the bait and eliminate the false L, and he was right. Because L only broadcast Lind L. Tailor's speech in the Kanto region of Japan, this helped narrow down Kira's location significantly.

    There are a number of ethical problems with this, but hey, it worked. 

  • Shikamaru Nara is one of the smartest characters in the world of Naruto, so when it's time for him to get revenge for his fallen sensei, it makes sense that his method would be strategic. Using his shadow jutsu, he leads Hidan into a secluded area guarded by the Nara family, which he'd prepared in advance. 

    There, he tricks Hidan into consuming Kakuzu's blood under the guise of his own. Instead of eliminating Shikamaru using his Jashin technique, he destroys one of Kakuzu's hearts. Shikamaru is able to coat Hidan in explosive tags, blow up his body, and bury his head underground. If that's not cunning, nothing is. 

  • Lelouch Lamperouge Deceives A Nation In 'Code Geass'
    Photo: Sunrise

    At the end of Code Geass, Lelouch decides to trick everybody into thinking that he's an evil overlord, and that his former alter ego Zero is the one who defeats him. This act of deception involves sacrificing his own life, so one can guess that he has a pretty good reason for it. What's the reason? He believes that by setting up Zero as a hero and toppling himself, he can create lasting peace and safety for the rest of the world. That peace is more important to him than honesty, and it's even more important to him than his own life. 

  • When Bleach viewers first meet Sousuke Aizen, he appears to be a kindly nerd who wouldn't hurt a fly. Not only does he completely pull the wool over Soul Society's eyes by hiding his true nature, he also faked his own death in order to sow chaos in the organization and deflect from his plans to overthrow them. Oh, and he's constantly creating illusions that distort reality to further confuse people and prevent them from taking decisive action against him. Aizen doesn't just have one moment where he bamboozles others - it's essentially his entire existence.