15 Times Anime Characters Were Completely Blindsided

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From unexpected obstacles to sudden enemy attacks, anime is filled with events that totally blindside the characters. Sometimes they react with total panic and have no idea what to do next, like how nearly everyone in Sword Art Online responded when they couldn't figure out how to exit the game. Sometimes they rise to the occasion, like when Denji destroys the Bat Devil who nearly devoured Power in Chainsaw Man. Sometimes, sadly, they don't survive. 

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    Sakura Yamauchi Doesn't Go Down The Way She Expected To - 'I Want To Eat Your Pancreas'

    Sakura Yamauchi Doesn't Go Down The Way She Expected To - 'I Want To Eat Your Pancreas'
    Photo: I Want To Eat Your Pancreas / Studio VOLN

    Because she has a terminal pancreatic disease, Sakura Yamauchi has been trying to emotionally prepare herself for an early demise. She does this by recruiting a boy to help her check off the items on her personal bucket list and spend time with her before the end. He's reluctant at first, but the two end up forming an intense relationship.

    Sakura doesn't lose her life to her disease, but she doesn't get better either. Instead, she's stabbed in a random attack. Nobody saw it coming, and it threw everyone's attempts to prepare for her passing into a tailspin.

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    Griffith Orchestrates The Eclipse - 'Berserk'

    Griffith Orchestrates The Eclipse - 'Berserk'
    Photo: Berserk / OLM

    Guts has had a lot of horrible things happen to him in the past, but even he didn't see the Eclipse coming. He trusted Griffith as a friend and as a member of his band of mercenaries. He never expected him to betray them in such a bombastic way. 

    Griffith sacrificed nearly the entire Band of the Hawk and sexually assaulted Casca, all to gain the power of Femto and join the God Hand. It was one of the most painful moments in anime history, and no one saw it coming.

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    Eren Manipulated His Father - 'Attack On Titan'

    Eren Manipulated His Father - 'Attack On Titan'
    Photo: Attack on Titan / MAPPA

    Attack on Titan is full of unexpected twists that left viewers feeling like they'd just been smacked in the face by a rampaging Titan. It's hard to choose which one is the most shocking, but this one is definitely among them.

    During a conversation with his younger brother that was supposed to be about how their father had wronged them both, Zeke finds out something totally unexpected about Eren. It turns out that Eren used the Attack Titan's ability to see the memories of its past and future users to manipulate Grisha into ending the Reiss family, stealing the Founding Titan, and giving both the Founding Titan and the Attack Titan to Eren.

    Grisha would most likely not have supported Eren's ultimate ambitions. He didn't use Eren the way he used Zeke.

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    Pain Invades Konoha - 'Naruto: Shippuden'

    Pain Invades Konoha - 'Naruto: Shippuden'
    Photo: Naruto: Shippuden / Studio Pierrot

    If Jiraiya had survived his investigation, he might have been able to warn his home village of Pain's impending invasion. Sadly, he dies before he passes on that vital information. That means that nobody has any warning before Konan, Pain, and his Six Paths arrive and start destroying everything in sight.

    It takes the coordinated efforts of everybody in the village to get things under control, and many people lose their lives in the process. If it weren't for Naruto persuading Pain to show some empathy at the end, important characters like Kakashi would have been gone for good.