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13 Times Anime Characters Were Eaten Alive

There's no shortage of horrifying ways for anime characters to meet their end. One of the most horrifying is being eaten alive - a trope that you'll find in only the most gruesome anime. 

Some anime characters who were eaten alive perish in astonishingly horrible ways - that's certainly the case for the townspeople who are taken out by man-eating rabbits in Blood-C, as well as all the people who lose their lives to Titans in Attack on Titan. 

There are a few characters who actually survived being devoured. Filo from Rising of the Shield Hero is swallowed by a dragon, but she bursts out of it by turning the tables and eating the dragon instead. There's also Sakura Minamoto, a zombie who is eaten by a boar, but makes it through because she was never alive to begin with. These examples are funny because things turn out okay, but just about everything else on this list is straight up bone-chilling.