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20 Anime Characters With Resting B*tch Face

If you've ever seen a person who looks irritated or angry regardless of what their actual mood might be, you've seen someone with "resting b*tch face." This phenomenon shows up in the world of anime as well as in real life - there are plenty of anime characters who always look angry.

Anime characters with resting b*tch face can of any gender, and can appear in any genre of anime. One example is Levi Ackerman, who looks perpetually annoyed even when things are going well - though to be fair to Levi some of that is because he's led a pretty traumatic life. Another is Sayaka Kanamori of Keep Your Hands Off Eizoken!, who looks as if she's about to reap your soul - except when she's thinking about how to reap your money.

These characters can be hard to read, but when they actually do smile, it has all the more impact. Which ones are your favorites?

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    Levi Ackerman is a deeply intimidating person, and it's not just because of his formidable Titan slaying skills. It's also because of his constantly irritated face. To be fair, Levi actually is irritated a lot of the time - god help you if you're one of his cadets and you don't clean up after yourself - but even his neutral face still looks pretty peeved. 

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    Shota Aizawa - 'My Hero Academia'

    It's hard to blame Aizawa for constantly looking annoyed and exhausted - the man has two full time careers as a pro hero and a teacher. He gets a full night's sleep about as rarely as a he smiles. 

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  • Byakuya Kuchiki is Rukia's older brother-in-law, but there's very little warmth when he looks at her - or at anyone else, for that matter. This Soul Society member has a perpetually sour look on his face that matches his serious attitude. 

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  • The only time that Seto Kaiba ever cracks a smile is when he's laughing maniacally at somebody he plans to defeat at a card game. The rest of the time, he's rocking an arrogant sneer.

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