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13 Anime Characters With Creepy Powers

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Imagine an anime character with parasitic bugs that have been living in his body since birth, feeding off of his life essence and helping him attack his enemies. You've just imagined Shino Aburame from Naruto, an awesome guy with incredibly creepy powers. He's not the only one - there are actually lots of anime characters with supremely unsettling abilities in shows like One Piece, Parasyte, Fate, and more. 

Vote up the anime moves that you found the most disturbing, and vote down the ones that you're more or less indifferent to.

  • Whether it's his snakelike appearance, his unhealthy fascination with 12-year-old Sasuke, or his absolutely grotesque powers, Orochimaru has been creepy from the start even if Boruto doesn't seem to realize it. 

    What are those powers? Vomiting up snakes that might contain swords or even his own body, and twisting his neck around like it's a shoelace, for starters. There's also transforming into a giant snake monster made out of hundreds of other snakes. Oh, and there's the fact that he body hops from one person to another in pursuit of immortality, wiping their personality and taking them over like a parasite. That last one can only happen after he's spent some time wriggling around on the floor in what looks like a pile of gum. Yikes.

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    Zouken Matou uses Crest Worms, a form of energy-eating crest worms, as both his personal familiars and as an inheritance for his family members. Like the Kikaichu from Naruto, these worms feed on their hosts magical energy. Unlike the Kikaichu, though, they can create magical circuits in people who don't have any or dramatically increase ones' prowess in a short period of time. This process can often cause a person excruciating pain or even totally destroy them. 

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    Carne - 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure'

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure features a wide range of creepy attacks - this is one of them. Carne is a member of Passione who is sent to destroy Team Bucciarati and Trish Una. His Stand, Notorious B.I.G, only activates after he loses his life. That's already pretty creepy, but the Stands' effects are even worse. Notorious B.I.G is a gigantic fleshy glob with tentacles that invades its targets bodies and breaks them down from the inside like a parasitic infection. It absorbs its victims energy and powers, and uses it to grow to an enormous size.

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    Kyuusaku Yumeno - 'Bungo Stray Dogs'

    Kyuusaku Yumeno, also known as Q, has an ability called Dogra Magra that is absolutely bone-chilling. It's a mind-controlling curse that forces the afflicted person to start hallucinating and attacking the people around them. The curse is laid on those who "hurt Q" which means anyone who brushes past the razors that are taped to Q's body and accidentally draws blood. Q triggers it by mutilating a doll.