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16 Anime Characters That Can Literally Kill With Their Hair

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What's cooler than a super-cool hairstyle? A super-cool hairstyle that can also deal deadly damage! From pigtails that pack a punch to nose hair that whips and grabs people, this is a list of anime characters who have the truly unique power of killer hair. These characters all have some sort of ability that allows them to use their hair as a weapon to dish out some serious pain. Vote up the anime hair that you think is the most powerful and vote down the ones that you don't think stand a chance against the rest.

This list just goes to show that there's no limit to what anime character body hair is truly capable of. Including all types of hair in all sorts of places, whether it be commanding their hair to grab a weapon, throw a punch, or cast a magical spell, these characters with shapeshifting, exploding, hard-hitting hair are truly frightening to face in combat.

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    Jiraiya from Naruto basically uses his hair to become a giant, deadly hedgehog. He is able to grow and manipulate his hair with the "Wild Lion's Mane Technique" and, to make his hair even more menacing, he's able to use the "Hair Needle Senbon" to send chakra shooting through his hair, turning it into hardened needles that are perfect for launching as individual needles or as giant hair spheres. When in Sage Mode, he is able to keep a constant supply of hair coming, giving him tons of ammo for a relentless hair attack. 

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    Flare Corona

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    Flare Corona from Fairy Tail is a member of the Raven Tail Guild who is practically a sadist when it comes to fighting with her Crimson Hair. Flare has a seemingly endless supply of long, red hair, which she can easily manipulate the length of. Not only can she use magic attacks like "Hair Shower: Firefly Flame" to rain explosions of hair on her targets, she can even use it to stop bullets.

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    Shaula Gorgon

    In Soul Eater Not!, Shaula Gorgon wields a large braid that acts as a giant stinger. Even though she isn't able to extend it, it's still a deadly weapon that's long enough to be a frightening adversary in close quarters combat.

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  • The nano-machines inside the body of Golden Darkness (also known as Yami), from To Love-Ru, give her the awesome power of hair manipulation. She can lengthen her hair on command and can transform it into pretty much any object she desires, like blades, hammers, fists, and even more bizarre objects like fully functional puppets.

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