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16 Anime Characters That Can Literally Kill With Their Hair

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What's cooler than a super-cool hairstyle? A super-cool hairstyle that can also deal deadly damage! From pigtails that pack a punch to nose hair that whips and grabs people, this is a list of anime characters who have the truly unique power of killer hair. These characters all have some sort of ability that allows them to use their hair as a weapon to dish out some serious pain. Vote up the anime hair that you think is the most powerful and vote down the ones that you don't think stand a chance against the rest.

This list just goes to show that there's no limit to what anime character body hair is truly capable of. Including all types of hair in all sorts of places, whether it be commanding their hair to grab a weapon, throw a punch, or cast a magical spell, these characters with shapeshifting, exploding, hard-hitting hair are truly frightening to face in combat.

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    Photo: FUNimation

    Kumadori is an antagonist in One Piece who uses his long pink mane to bind and attack his targets. As his number-one weapon of choice, he uses his hair to grab and choke his way through enemies and even forms it into the shape of hands to throw in some brutal punches. His hair is so strong that if Chopper didn't come in to save the day during a fight, Nami would have been killed by it.

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    Photo: FUNimation

    Eve from Black Cat has shapeshifting abilities that allow her to use her hair as whatever weapon she chooses. Mainly, she likes to turn it into hammers, but she's been known to use a variety of other blunt and spiky objects like fists, quills, and boxing-match bells.

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    Photo: Viz Media

    The adorable Niche of Letter Bee fights and grabs with her long, golden hair that she keeps in two big pigtails. When she fights, her hair can transform into six giant golden swords, earning it the name "The Golden Sword." She can also use it to carry and wield large objects. 

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    Photo: Viz

    The yokai Kejoro from Nurarihyon No Mago uses her long, wavy locks as a weapon to ensnare opponents. She can also stretch and grow her hair to great lengths and use it as a lasso to trap her targets. This usually allows Kubinashi to finish them off.

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