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Anna Lindwasser
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Anime characters with healing powers are often overlooked by fans. It’s not a power that usually goes to protagonists, and it isn’t as obviously cool as, say, shooting fire out of one’s hands. In fact, healers have a reputation for being weak, passive people who can’t fight and aren’t especially interesting. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are some anime healers who don’t participate in battles, that’s for a good reason - they’re so critical to the outcome of a battle and the longevity of the heroes that they must prioritize their own safety. What’s more, there are plenty of anime healers who will happily throw hands - Tsunade is one of the greatest ninja in Naruto history, and not just for her healing prowess.

Each one of these healing abilities operates slightly differently - some are nearly infinite, while others have strict limits and rules. However their abilities function, anime characters with healing abilities are crucial members of their teams because they let warrior types take risks and keep going when they’d otherwise be bedridden or hospitalized. Let’s give these amazing characters some love!

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Orihime Inoue is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The 15 Best Anime Characters With Healing Abilities
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Orihime possesses a wide variety of incredible abilities, most of which derive from Shun Shun Rikka, a flower-shaped hairpin that can summon different combinations of spirits. One combination allows her to use a technique called Sōten Kisshun, which rejects or nullifies any event or phenomenon that she finds undesirable.

While Sōten Kisshun has a number of functions, its most noteworthy one is healing. If a friend or ally is injured, she can reject or negate that injury, making it as if it had never happened.

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Tsunade Senju is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The 15 Best Anime Characters With Healing Abilities
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Tsunade is considered the greatest healer in the world of Naruto, and she deserves the title. She can heal things that no one else can, from seemingly incurable spine injuries to psychological damage sustained by those exposed to Infinite Tsukuyomi. Besides healing people through magical means, she’s a master diagnostician and pharmacist. 

In addition to healing others, she can also heal herself - in fact, she continuously and rapidly regenerates her own cells, which not only heals medical issues but which also keeps her looking far younger than her actual years.

Not only does Tsunade possess these incredible abilities, she also teaches them to others. She introduced ‘medical ninja’ as a career path, saving thousands of lives in the process. She’s taught Shizune, Sakura, Ino, and plenty of other ninja how to heal. 

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Wendy Marvell is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The 15 Best Anime Characters With Healing Abilities
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Using Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, Wendy is able to heal everything from motion sickness to fatal injuries. She does this by manipulating pure air and using it to cure poisons, restore memories, and heal potentially fatal injuries. Because she uses clean air to help, her powers are less effective when she’s in a polluted area.

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Recovery Girl - My Hero Academia
Recovery Girl - My Hero Academ... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The 15 Best Anime Characters With Healing Abilities
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Recovery Girl is the school nurse at U.A. High School and her presence is absolutely essential. That’s because her quirk, Heal, allows her to harness the power of a target’s immune system to rapidly heal injuries and illnesses. She can’t fix everything - if a person’s immune system is too weak, she can’t do much with it, and she also can’t go too hard, or else she risks causing further damage.

Despite these drawbacks, Recovery Girl remains the only reason that would-be heroes can participate in life-threatening training exercises without incurring permanent damage.

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