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17 Anime Characters With Insanely High Kill Counts

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Among the greatest villains in anime, there’s a long list of characters who rack up insane kill counts with ease. With little to no regard for life, they murder entire races and wipe out galaxies. Despite their reputations as lethal killing machines, it seems that certain villains just can’t help but attract ridiculous amounts of death and destruction wherever they go. Ever wondered which bad guys have the most kills? Look no further! 

Below, you’ll find a list of anime characters who have slaughtered entire armies, civilizations, planets, and universes all by themselves. From ruthless betrayals to nonchalant genocide, these villains cover a wide range of methods, tactics, and reasons for mass murder. Read on to discover the worst killers with the highest body counts in all of anime. 

  • Estimated Kill Count - Around 6 Universes

    Don’t let the innocent, childlike appearance of Zenō from Dragon Ball Super fool you. This adorable little being is the king of the 12 universes and holds power so strong that he can quite literally erase immortal beings, planets, and universes from existence without a second thought. To make matters worse, the Omni-King is known to be careless and prone to bouts of rage, which is the reason he’s on this list of anime characters with insanely high kill counts in the first place. At one point, there was a total of 18 universes, but in a fit of rage, Zenō single-handedly erased six galaxies from existence. 

  • Photo: Funimation

    Estimated Kill Count - Around 3,000,000

    Alucard is the all-powerful ancient vampire from Hellsing who is best known for his iconic red hat, red trench coat, and glowing sunglasses. Although primarily used as a weapon to serve humanity and protect them from supernatural threats, Alucard himself is a force you would not want to reckon with. He’s acquired quite the high kill count using a variety of hellish methods to slay vampires, monsters, and humans alike. He usually tortures his victims before using his gun to mercilessly shoot them dead with a smile. 

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  • Photo: Viz Media

    Estimated Kill Count - Around 124,925

    Imagine finding a notebook that kills any person whose name is written on its pages. This is the situation that Light Yagami finds himself in in Death NoteAt first, this power intimidates him, so he uses it sparingly on hardcore criminals such as hostage-takers and sexual predators. But, it’s not long before Yagami finds himself on the dark side of justice, eliminating dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of people he deems evil. In the alternate ending of the show, Yagami specifies that he killed 124,925​​​​​​​ people. 

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  • Estimated Kill Count - Around 100,000

    Father is the famed antagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood storyline, who earns quite the reputation for being a ruthless killer. Before obtaining his human form and creating the Homunculi, Father was “The Dwarf in the Flask” made from the blood of the powerful alchemist, Van Hohenheim. Father manipulates him into causing the destruction of the Xerxes civilization and uses their souls to turn himself into a human philosopher's stone resembling Hohenheim.